Community Manager: a Job for the New Social Media Age

    To opt for the position of Community manager you must have a set of knowledge and skills that are not as easy as some may believe

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    There is a lot of talk about the Commutity Manager, but what are their functions? The truth is that their tasks can vary greatly from one company to another, but in an ideal situation, the Community Manager is the professional responsible for building and managing the online community around a brand on the Internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with regular customers and in general any user or interested in the brand. He/She is also responsible for creating and managing profiles on behalf of the company for which it works, ensuring uniformity and that they truly reflect the spirit of the brand.

    Is any internet user prepared to perform the functions of a Community Manager?

    In reality and despite the many may think this is not so. The management of a brand on the Internet requires having set techniques and skills. You can acquire them on your own or speed up the process by taking a training program for a Community manager. While there is a set of intrinsic qualities; such as empathy and a good dose of creativity and ingenuity that help you carry out the functions of Community manager, the specific training provides the knowledge for the design of strategies, processes and the management of 2.0 tools, necessary for the development of the Community manager’s activity.

    On the other hand, self-training is not enough, the experience is also essential to properly carry out the tasks of Community manager. You have to gradually practice to get this experience until you are trained enough to handle large accounts. The best way to start is by working on your brand.

    How many earnings can a Community manager make?

    They have proofed their value among the most prominent professionals, given that more and more users demand and consume information in these ways. We can establish several types of Community manager based on responsibility and capabilities. Since a Community manager is a coordinator, we do not talk about social media management but about a strategist in the use of social networks. Normally a professional who is dedicated to managing social networks can get a fairly high salary depending on his rank and the size of the company in which he is.

    Main functions of the Community manager.

    It is developing the creation of attractive and quality content. In general, it is not limited to creating and writing content only for social networks, this professional is also usually responsible for managing the company’s corporate blog. Also, the social media expert must decide the best time to publish content. To do this, some tools indicate what the time of day is and what is the day of the week in which the content will have greater acceptance. He/She also has tools to schedule the publication of the content, so it can be scheduled for the hours of the better audience, although publications will also be made in the rest of the time slots since otherwise, it will not be able to reach the entire audience.

    The Community manager also has to monitor all the publications and news of the different company sectors, becoming the eyes of the company on the internet. This practice only serves to identify opportunities and threats in real-time, it also allows to detect the most relevant content of the competition and the sector. Users like value content that guides purpose mentality, even if it is to promote publications from other companies.

    Listening to the social noise.

    A good Community manager listens to the social noise generated by the brand on social networks and tries to answer questions such as the following: what are people talking about? Who are the rivals of the brand in the universe 2.0? What interest’s fans and followers of the company? What content is more predisposed to share with other users? Do you know the brand? The Community Manager is obliged to investigate the various automation tools available in the market and be aware of the current generated by the technology, marketing and brand industry for which he/she works.

    Make and expand the community.

    They must grow the communities for which they work for by interacting every day with their members both on the online social media blog and forum platforms as well as on offline platforms (events, conferences and meetings) while having to keep publishing status updates, distribute content, promote the content generated by the brand on the social website in order to connect with the target audience of the campaign and make it win over new customers.

    Join the conversation.

    This involves responding to questions and comments online immediately putting a face to the brand on social platforms and establishing relationships with customers.
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