Obama’s Advisor Lectures on Social Networking in Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Sam Graham Felsen, executor of online campaigns to U.S. President Barack Obama said today in Costa Rica that social networks have become a powerful tool to show the “human side” of politicians and arouse the interest of younger generations.

    Felsen is in Costa Rica where he will give a lecture addressed to the business sector on the use of social networks in the context of the twentieth anniversary of Inter-agency communication.

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    Graham explained that the main objective of the Obama media campaigns in 2008 and 2012 was to promote two-way communication through the idea: “I am a human being like you.”

    The expert pointed to a photograph that was published in the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Obama when he won his first election, which showed him hugging his wife Michelle just at the time when the results were announced.

    “That was the most shared photo on Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

    Graham also praised social networking as a tool to attract the attention of young people, especially those who have no interest in political issues.

    He said that in the United States, most young people were not interested in politics, but Obama’s campaign managed to increase young voters.

    “We did a combination of how he could communicate as a human being, and videos and pictures with humor, but without losing its connection with the campaign,” he said.

    According to Graham, in 2008 the Republican Party did not realize the importance of social networks, something contrary to the Democrat who saw the potential of this tool, but at that time had not yet become so popular.

    In 2008 Obama had about 400,000 followers on Twitter and a similar number on Facebook, while in 2012 he reached 35 million and 30 million.

    Graham explained that the number of followers on networks does not mean much by itself, but the important thing is that some of those people are encouraged to participate and vote.

    For the February 2nd general elections in Costa Rica, the Obama advisor recommended giving importance to the media campaign, which is also cheaper than traditional methods. (EFE)

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose Costa Rica

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