Costa Rica will Have First E-Commerce Day

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    Costa Rica News – On February 21, Costa Rica will host its first E-Commerce Day, as part of the lecture series that drive the development of electronic commerce in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Costa Rica.

    The event will be held on Thursday at the Hotel Real Intercontinental, with the aim of promoting the region’s approach companies and new entrepreneurs to trade online, bringing together leaders of of e-commerce who will share their knowledge to help enhance business opportunities online for brands and products in the country.

    This session will be in San Jose special guests Alicia Avendaño, Director General, Digital Government of Costa Rica; Carolina Forero Director of E-commerce for Visa, Pablo Vargas Group CEO Britt; Lee Araujo Director, Commercial Cybersource for Latin America, Fernando Monteiro, Founder & CEO, Cobrebem (Brazil); Adsmovil CEO Alberto Pardo (Colombia), Mark Pueyrredon, President eInstituto (American Institute of Electronic Commerce, Argentina) and Nils Strandberg, CEO of Latin Pacific, among many others.

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