Although the opening ceremony will be next Friday, July 26th, 2019, the sports activities of the Pan American Games in Lima, Perú, formally began today with handball and beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Stadium, Lima 2019

The pair of Costa Rica duos came to play this last discipline on track 2 of the Beach Volleyball Stadium and obtained very different results at its premiere. Our women representatives, integrated by Valeria Valenciano and Marcela Araya, imposed themselves in only 2 sets on the Colombian duo of Yuly Ayala and Diana Ríos, with partials of 21-15 and 21-14.

For its part, the male pair, composed of Sebastián Valenciano and Víctor Alpízar, was the victim of Brazilians Oscar Brandao and Thiago Dealtry, also in 2 sets and with scores of 13-21 and 14-21. Here it should be highlighted that the Cariocas are strong candidates for the Pan American title.

Tomorrow, it begins the activities in the bowling alley, in the doubles modality of both sexes, with the duo of Jonaykel Conejo and Marco Moretti in male, and Viviana Delgado with Ericka Quesada, in the female. In addition, our beach volleyball representatives will face the powerful duo of the United States, in women’s match, and the also strong athletes of Cuba, in men’s.

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