Costa Rican Won Gold Medal in the 22nd Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad held in Lima, Perú

Costa Rica Consolidates Itself as a Strong Competitor for this Kind of Olympiads

Mario Esteban González Vásquez, a student of the San Ramón College of Science, left the gold medal and won the 1st place of the 22nd Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad that took place in Perú.

Winner of the 22nd Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiads 2017
Esteban González as Winner of the Chemistry Olympiads 2017

Gonzalez and the Costa Rican delegation achieved important results and, by the end of this Sunday, October 15th, they were positioned as virtual winners of the fair, developed in its 22nd edition.

In total, 17 Latin American delegations participated together with Spain and Portugal.

According to a report provided by the press office of the National High Technology Center, these were the results:

• Gold Medal: (1st gold medal of the competition and winner of the event): Mario Esteban González Vásquez, a student of the San Ramón College of Science.• Bronze Medal: Jafeth Méndez Gómez of the Costa Rican Scientific College, Guanacaste.• Bronze Medal: Kevin Chinchilla Mora of the Costa Rica Scientific College, located in Alajuela.• Bronze Medal: Sebastián Solís Vargas of the Costa Rica Scientific College, San Carlos.

This is one of the most important events for students in the Science field.
Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad 2017 logo

“This is the 3rd time that Costa Rica has won the 1st gold medal and is emerging as the winner of the Ibero-American Olympiad. In the past, it had won the 2008 edition held in Heredia, Costa Rica, and 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay. These achievements shape our country as a consolidated competitor in these Olympics”, the report stated.

The students were accompanied by Ricardo Coy Herrera and Andrés Sánchez Kopper of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC), as well as by Wendy Villalobos González of the State University at Distance (UNED). The competition began last October 9th and concluded this Sunday, October 15th, at the facilities of the Catholic University of Perú.

SOURCEAbelardo Canelo
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