Guanacastecans Proudly Share Their Customs and Traditions

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    “Guanacaste builds its future with hope”, is the motto with which the regional directorates of Liberia, Cañas, Santa Cruz and Nicoya celebrate in style the eighteenth Guanacaste Fairness Festival 2022. The Live Guanacaste Fairness Program, created under Decree 3300-MEP, in 2005, has the main objective of strengthening the identity and idiosyncrasy of being Guanacastecan, as well as presenting the best of their region to the world.

    This year, the celebration was held last Friday, July 22nd, at the Jesús de Nazareth School, in Liberia, which is part of the model educational centers selected in the “Let’s turn on the light together” strategy, promoted by the Minister of Public Education. Anna Katharina Müller Castro. Throughout the month of July, the educational centers of Guanacaste dress in color, joy and lots of light to express as an educational community, through murals and decorations, how proud they are to be Guanacastecans, making their identity known to the world with their customs and traditions.

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    The festival at the school was accompanied by several artistic presentations typical of the Guanacaste region, where teachers and students adorned the celebration with a display of art that captured the attention of those present. “Guanacastequity is part of what defines us as Costa Ricans, and that cannot be ignored by the educational system. That is why I feel highly honored to be part of this celebration so full of colors, sounds and aromas. It is beautiful to see so many cultural manifestations expressed by our children, young people, teachers and inhabitants of this thriving province”, said the Minister of Education, Anna Katharina Müller Castro.

    From very early on, the different activities delighted those present with topes, bull riding and masquerades, as well as dances typical of the province such as the Peseteado, the Pavo, and the Botijuela, performed by first-year students. Nor could you miss the tasting of typical foods such as pujaguaatol, cooked corn, corn rice, donuts, tanelas, piñonate, chicheme, gallo pinto, tortilla, curd, fresh pozol and webbed tortillas. Additionally, the music of maroons, bombs, and strings infected the general public.

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