Basic Guide to Start Meditating Every Morning and Change the Energy of Your Day to Day

    Know the step by step to start meditating with this basic guide

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    Thousands of people talk about the multiple benefits that meditation brings to your life; some of them are that it relieves anxiety, depression and that it prevents stress. Without a doubt, it is a practice that people should include in their daily lives.

    However, it is a bit complicated to include it, since it is surrounded by many taboos and fears. If you still don’t dare to meditate in your mornings, but you already have every intention of doing this activity, here you will find a practical and effective guide to start doing it.

    It should be noted that, contrary to what many believe, meditation is not about leaving your mind blank or forgetting about reality; Rather, what this practice intends is for you to concentrate all your attention on one point, which is almost always the breath. As the rhythm progresses, mantras or specific thoughts can be integrated.

    To start meditating in the morning, just do the following:

    1. Put an hour: Just like your breakfast, bath, or exercise, it’s vital that you designate a time in your day to meditate. It can be before or after your care routine.

    2. Start brief: 15 minutes a day will be enough for you to start meditating; do not demand an hour or pressure yourself more.

    3. Look for guided meditations: Being a beginner, it is common for you to lose or your ideas win, to avoid this and decrease it, look for guided meditations that help you.

    Once you start, try to make it a daily habit. Similarly, you can alternate the time to see when it works best for you, whether in the morning or at night. Take care of your body and mind!

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