Mindfulness: Benefits for Older People

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    Mindfulness is one of the techniques that can bring the most benefits to the general population. However, in the case of the elderly, it specifically provides benefits that are especially interesting. That is why from Eurofitness, and always from our vocation to take care of your health, we want to talk to you about some of the benefits of this technique for the elderly.

    What is mindfulness?

    In general terms, we can consider mindfulness as a way or philosophy of life. In it, some practices such as meditation are included along with certain lifestyle habits. All of them are aimed at offering an adequate mental state to those who practice it. In an integral way, it therefore seeks to offer a good mental state to those who practice it and combat their stress, promote their harmony and, in general, their state of mental health.

    What are the benefits of mindfulness for older people

    Below we will talk about some of the specific benefits of mindfulness for older people:

    1. It is effective in fighting dementia

    First of all, we must say that mindfulness goes a long way in keeping dementia at bay. It is a very positive way of keeping the mind active and thereby keeping certain faculties of our cognitive system active. Incidentally, it also helps to ward off dementia in this population by significantly reducing their stress.

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    2. It helps fight chronic pain

    Secondly, it must be said that mindfulness helps combat the chronic pain of some conditions. The reason why he does it is because it can help those who practice it to have more effective control over their nervous system and their sensations. With this, it is possible to better control and greatly mitigates the sensation of pain, discomfort or discomfort in general.

    3. It fights insomnia

    As can be deduced in light of the 2 previous benefits, another of the contributions that mindfulness gives to the elderly is that of combating insomnia. In this way, those who practice it can enjoy a better state of relaxation. With this, they can rest better when arriving in a general state of relaxation at night. Similarly, this state of relaxation is distributed throughout the day, so the feeling of fatigue is relieved and the availability of energy is optimized during the day.

    4. It lowers blood pressure

    Mindfulness exercises can lower blood pressure. This favors a correct blood risk and therefore prevents possible cardiovascular conditions. Such conditions are one of the leading causes of illness in older people and, in some unfortunate cases, of death. For this reason, it is essential to prevent them through precisely a lifestyle that includes mindfulness.

    5. It prevents aging

    Another benefit that mindfulness can bring to the elderly is that it prevents their aging. The reason is precisely in its influence on the body’s blood pressure. By relieving it and improving circulation, it improves the oxygenation of the cells. In this way, the aging of the tissues of our body can be prevented; a benefit that will not only give a better appearance, but more generally will give a better state to face the years.

    6. It fights depression

    Along with conditions related to dementia and cardiovascular health, depression is another of the ills that especially affect the elderly population. Mindfulness can help combat it effectively.

    Without going any further, by granting a general state of balance and well-being, they can make the person have more resources to face their own mental state. At this point, it can help improve symptoms associated with depression from feelings of loneliness, apathy, etc.

    7. It reduces anxiety

    Finally, we must highlight one of the most important advantages of mindfulness. It is about the effects it has against another of the most common conditions of the elderly: anxiety. It is another of the effects of the general state of relaxation that it offers us. Chronic anxiety is a feeling that can be constant in a person and that can actually worsen over time.

    The specific exercises proposed by this technique of meditation and relaxation help remarkably to cope with it and combat it.

    We hope that these lines will help you find your own motivation to do mindfulness. Also, at Eurofitness you can find the best professionals to practice it and include it in your life. Please try our network of gyms and find yours.

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