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    Discover 5 Simple Relaxation Techniques for These Times of Pandemic

    High levels of stress can generate negative effects on the immune system and in general forhealth. Relaxation...

    How to Obtain Emotional Stability

    Emotional instability, also known as emotional imbalance, is an alteration of affectivity.

    Learn About Mindfulness Exercises for Children

    Mindfulness techniques for children have the potential to increase their attention span, memory, self-acceptance, autonomy, and self-understanding....

    Learn 7 Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners

    Mindfulness has many benefits; it helps you to live every moment of the day in all its...

    Know How to Organize Your House and Your Mind

    In Zen philosophy, an individual cannot advance along the paths of enlightenment if internally it is not in order, both in mind and in...
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