Tips for Contributing to Mental Health Care on a Daily Basis

    Depressive and anxious symptoms are more frequent than they seem

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    Incorporating aromatic essences, meditating, taking care of your diet, taking active breaks during the workday and giving yourself moments for yourself, are some actions that contribute to better managing stress and anxiety.

    Mental health is an issue that affects various areas of people’s lives; in fact, depressive and anxious symptoms are more frequent than they seem: according to a study carried out by the Chilean Security Association in conjunction with the Catholic University of Chile between 2020 and 2021, 44% of those surveyed feel more overwhelmed than usual and 27% feel less happy.

    Faced with this scenario, we have to take action to reverse the anxiety, stress and affected mental health. It is important to give ourselves the time to disconnect from social networks and the factors that cause us stress; It’s time to exercise and rest, say the experts.

    Wellness as a great ally

    One way to prioritize personal well-being is through wellness, “a lifestyle that seeks to achieve a state of comprehensive health, that is, to be well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a way of living aware that life is unique. There are small actions that can be incorporated into our routine to help us improve mental health

    Recommendations to incorporate wellness into your daily life:

    • Get enough rest to recover energy and start a new day
    • Take active breaks
    • Start meditating for half an hour in the morning or at night
    • When bedtime approaches, dim the lights in your bedroom and turn off the screens.
    • Lavender and chamomile essences are sleep inducers. You can put a diffuser in your bedroom and activate it before you sleep.
    • Perform facial massages periodically, as they help reduce stress and help you disconnect from routine and worries
    • Take care of your diet! Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
    • Aromas and dim lights are some of elements carefully that can help immerse yourself in a wellness environment .

    In this way, people can recover energy, disconnect from the world and prioritize their personal well-being, leaving aside the stress, anxiety and other problems that we experience every day, even becoming happier and feeling less overwhelmed. Reconnecting with oneself in the chaos of everyday life, being this essential to be well physically, spiritually and mentally.

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