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    The Formula for Happiness Part I

    When you don't know what to put on, wear happiness; it combines with everything

    Happiness Levels in the World: Current Status

    Is having enough money to cover your basic needs and material desires help you live a relatively happy life? Well, it seems so, according...

    Costa Rica is a Celebration of Life

    Costa Rica must do something right! Its Nicoya Peninsula is one of the five blue zones of the world, areas where people tend to...
    The Secret of Happiness

    The Secret of Happiness

    We aspire to be happy and for this, we must understand many secrets of happiness
    The True Meaning of Happiness

    The True Meaning of Happiness

    There are those who say that happiness does not exist, that it is impossible, that there are those who have everything and are still unhappy and also there are those who think that happiness itself is a mere instant

    Be Grateful in Life and Abundance Will Come to You

    Being grateful implies the recognition of everything that brings happiness and well-being to our lives. It is more positive to thank for what has...

    Flowers that Make Life Happier: Find Out Their Significance

    Although many times we do not realize it, giving a flower is an act full of meanings. Since it is something that we do...

    The Monalisa’s Smile

    I groom myself, I put on comfortable clothes and I decide to do my daily walk, leaving the house. I look in the mirror...

    Cleaning The Attic

    Let's talk about forgiveness that phrase so easy to pronounce but so difficult to work, all in one way or another play to say...
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    TOP-FIVE Reasons Why Costa Ricans Are So Happy

    Did you know that there is an international index that measures the “happiness” indicators of any country in the world? Just a few years ago,...
    pineal gland

    The Importance of Your Pineal Gland For Over-All Health and Well-Being

    Within the center of everyone’s brain is a small pine cone-shaped endocrine gland, known as the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located very...
    Life Project

    Find your child’s “Life Project” in Manuel Antonio

    In the era of standardized testing and competition, rote memory and performance targets, traditional schooling is in an existential crisis. Children are not being...

    Costa Rica proves that GDP does not measure quality of life

    Two recent reports prove that GDP does not measure quality of life, using Costa Rica as an example for other countries. The two reports are...

    The top 7 yoga Instagrams you HAVE to follow

    Join the movement celebrating International Yoga Day June 21st 2016, for the second year in a row, Costa Rica is one of the best countries...

    Costa Rica: happiest country of Latín America

    The ticos are happy people, but not just any happy people - the happiest of all of Latín America. That is what the World...
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