Be Grateful in Life and Abundance Will Come to You

Being grateful implies the recognition of everything that brings happiness and well-being to our lives. It is more positive to thank for what has been given to us than to complain about what we do not or we cannot have.

Complaining directs your life to little, to poverty, while if you thank for how much or how little you have, abundance will always be present for you.

Grateful people are those that you should most attract to your life. This reality does not have a scientific explanation, but it is something that we can witness every day.

Inexplicably, when people appreciate how much or how little they have, they begin to receive more and more. On the contrary, people who only live complaining, the only thing that happens to them is that they are getting poorer and poorer. The misfortunes begin to come into their lives and everything they fear will persecute them.

Complaining about everything will make your existence bitter. If what you do is focus on the negative, then you will not be able to pay attention to all the good things that are around you. For example, some people complain that they lack money, but they have an enormous treasure because they have a great family that loves them. Others complain about where they live, but do not give thanks to because at least they have a safe place to sleep and there is food on the table.

Some people are bothered by some aspects of their bodies but do not feel gratitude for having health. They are not aware that other people may be wishing what they despise.

And it’s not about being conformists. It is not that we just give thanks and settle for what we have. What you need is learning to live in gratitude and fully enjoy the good things in life.

You can give thanks for having at least a hut as a home, but it is not about just staying there, but rather go out and work to build a better house. Perhaps your work pays little, however, be grateful and also start looking to find a better job or business that pays more.

You may be thinking that saying is easier than doing, especially if you are full of debt or broken. Well you’re right, it’s not easy. It will take much effort to change your attitude towards more positive outcomes, but if you don’t start doing it now, your life will only change for the worse.

We must be grateful for what we have, but on the other hand we must continue to pursue our goals. If we are not grateful for what we already have, it could make us think that we would only be happy with more.

Abundance surrounds us always and everywhere

Many times we do not recognize the abundance that exists around us, we do not see the abundance in the entire Universal creation, the abundance in our organism – made up of billions of cells that work intelligently and harmoniously for the well-being of the human body; abundance is a single fruit that contains many seeds, and where each seed will produce a new tree and this then will generate abundant fruit.

The infinite abundance of birds that fly in the sky, the abundance and diversity of fish and marine species that dwell in the sea, the abundance of grains of sand in the sea, the abundance of stars that adorn the blue sky. The Universe itself is abundant, and we are part of that abundance so we are called to manage all that vastness of things that God created for us, to feed our well-being and happiness.

VIAGuillermo Agudelo
SOURCEEdixon Colmenarez
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