The True Meaning of Happiness

The True Meaning of Happiness
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There are those who say that happiness does not exist, that it is impossible, that there are those who have everything and are still unhappy and also there are those who think that happiness itself is a mere instant.

The truth is that the ideal of happiness is perceived differently. Some people can feel happy when they find themselves developing all the proposed goals of their professional, family, leisure life … and there they find a balance.

Other people think that happiness are moments, those that make your chest fill with emotion, those where you smile, feel peace and want to continue living. From being on earth, enjoying, sleeping and waking up quickly so as not to stop feeling it.

It is easy to connect the idea of happiness with the situation in which we find ourselves. We may tell ourselves if things were different I would be happy. But that is not the way happiness happens.

In part, happiness depends on personality. Some people are naturally happy. We have all met someone who is happy and optimistic most of the time. Having this type of personality makes it easier to be happy.

Some grumpy people may see the bad in people and situations instead of the good. Possibly these people are sadder than happy, but if they want to be happier it is possible to be.

Why is happiness important?

Happiness is more than a beautiful feeling or a drawing of a smiling face. It is the feeling that indicates that you are really enjoying life and that you want to make the most of this life.

Happiness is an expression that goes beyond a feeling. A happy person…

  • Smiles more even if they have no reason to.
  • They keep calm in times of crisis.
  • The happiest people like simple pleasures.
  • Personal triumphs, almost without exception, fill them with happiness.
  • Help or do well to others.
  • They let things flow.
  • They enjoy the conversation.
  • Spending money on others promotes their happiness.
  • They know how to listen.
  • They do some physical activity on a daily basis.
  • They are true to themselves.
  • They take care of the relationship they have.

In other aspects happy people stand out

Their facial muscles are relaxed and movements are fluid. They smile authentically and their eyes shine.

They pay attention to their body and health. The immune system is determined by the emotional attitude. They trust and love each other.

Their mind can remain silent. They have peace of mind and heart. Their express actions and thoughts are peaceful.

They feel responsible for what they think and feel at every moment. They attract people and encourage positive situations.

Recommendations to feel happy

  • Think about the present and stop worrying about the uncertainties of the future.
  • Thank for all that you have. Give thanks for each day that passes and the small moments lived.
  • Proliferate good humor.
  • Try to slow down a bit. We go to everything so fast in life that we don’t have time to think.
  • The key is to have at least two pauses a day to think about how we are faring, and what we can do to improve.

Forget about your mobile phone whenever you can. Think about it, on many occasions, it is a simple excuse for not being with ourselves, avoiding thinking and avoiding our loneliness.

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