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    Costa Rica must do something right! Its Nicoya Peninsula is one of the five blue zones of the world, areas where people tend to live longer than the world average. The country also ranks consistently on the UN happiness index.

    With nonstop flights and all the attractions of a tropical paradise, the Central American country of Costa Rica can be an easy sell for many travel consultants. It also features key accolades that could make it the trip of a lifetime for guests seeking a healthy and transformative experience.

    In the recently launched course by Travel Agent Academy at, you will learn how to introduce Costa Rica to all types of clients, whether they want to have fun in a pristine setting with many activities and accommodation options, learn about nature and the culture, bring a better balance to your life or all that.

    Full of life

    Costa Rica is home to an unusually high concentration of wildlife such as jaguars, sloths, tapirs, ocelots, scarlet macaws, toucans, and blue Morpho butterflies, all within an extensive network of national parks, refuges, and other protected areas, which in turn encompass terrain such as rainforests, dazzling beaches, volcanoes, and wetlands. This course will give you an overview region by region, showing you where customers can best experience their favorite activities, including:

    – wildlife observation

    – zipline

    – trekking

    – surf

    – diving

    – kayak

    – rejuvenation in hot springs and spas

    You can also find out how diversity thrives among the people of Costa Rica, which includes eight indigenous groups and those of African, Asian, Caribbean and Spanish descent. They are often happy to share their music, art, and culinary traditions with visitors, from Calypso bands, rodeos, wagon painting classes or doing a nutritious wedding, to a host of festivals.

    The “Pura Vida”

    Happiness is palpable throughout Costa Rica, and perhaps it is due to a compassionate worldview known as “Pura Vida” (literally, pure life). Focused on the importance of family, friends and nature, it creates a sense of co-responsibility among Costa Ricans that extends to the environment and to all visitors.

    The country’s tourism product is thus characterized by small-scale development, ecological complexes, fresh food, accessible attractions and wellness programs that will envelop its clients in the serenity of nature and guide them in simple practices. You will learn about “grounding” and “forest bathing” and other ways for your clients to return home healthier and wiser.

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