Art Magnum and Art Podium Present Timeless Treasures, Virtual Art Exhibition

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    Art Magnum and Art Podium are presenting “Timeless Treasures” an impressive online art exhibition in Singapore Art Week. Starting from January-30th, the artworks will showcase prominent pioneers of modern art movements in India. The exhibition will display the vibrant aesthetics and artistic capabilities that emerged in the country as it transitioned from British colonial rule to becoming an independent modern nation.

    As India grappled with its new status of an sovereign nation, these artist started a movement to develop their own language – a powerful combination of the indigenous history and the rich cultural heritage of India. As the name suggests the artwork on display are truly timeless and appeal to all sections of the art fraternity.

    The works on display is an eclectic mix of different artistic mediums expressions. The show has brought together over 40 artworks sourced from its own collection, from private collectors across the world and from the artists.

    They include paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures by modern masters such as Jamini Roy, M F Husain, J Swaminathan, F N Souza, Akbar Padamsee, Jogen Chowdhury, Sakti Burman, B Prabha and many others. The works have either been published or have been authenticated by experts and are of known provenance.

    Timeless Treasures is supported by the Indian High Commission in Singapore. We are honoured and grateful to have His Excellency Mr Kumaran Periasamy as our special guest who made the opening address.

    Singapore Art Week

    Part of Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2021, Timeless Treasures will be hosted on that will run from Jan 22-30, 2021. Join in as ‘Art Takes Over’ the streets and the digital realm during the 9th edition of SAW 2021 – the Singapore’s visual arts calendar’s pinnacle event.

    On the occasion, Saurabh Singhvi Director of Art Magnum said “Art Magnum is collaborating with Art Podium to present a unique exhibition during the Singapore Art Week (SAW) called “Timeless Treasures”. The exhibition showcases works of Modern and contemporary Indian Masters and presents a great opportunity to collectors and art enthusiasts all over the world to own one of the masterpieces. It truly represents the vibrant art scene in India and is an ode to some of the great artist we have had over the years”

    Art Magnum’s current director, Saurabh Singhvi, is taking his legacy forward and has been working for the welfare and promotion of Indian art all over the world. It has worked tirelessly to further the cause of Indian artists striving for excellence.

    Art Magnum was established to pay homage to established artist as they have worked meticulously to put Indian art on the global scene and at the same time promote young and upcoming talented artist to nurture the future of Indian art. Art Magnum has prided itself to present different medium of artistic expression ranging from the traditional to the modern to the contemporary to the experimental.

    Art Magnum was founded with a vision to provide Indian art a platform to showcase its true ability and to support upcoming artist and craftsmen.. Since its inception in 1986, SSPPL has been working in the field of art and crafts. It’s founder Late Shri Prakash Chand Singhvi was a visionary figure who always wanted to further the cause of Indian arts and crafts.

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