5 Subtle Signs It’s Time to Break Up

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    Deciding when it’s time to break up certainly isn’t as easy as trying to decide where to get a traditional bunion surgery. There are many reasons that two people should no longer be together, but it can be challenging to tell if it’s the right choice. That’s why we’re offering 5 subtle signs it’s time to break up.

    Let’s get into it.

    Lack of Physical Intimacy

    Physical intimacy is incredibly important for the health of a relationship. If you find that your partner isn’t connecting on the physical level, it might be an indication that the relationship is over. While it’s common to have periods of time when someone isn’t feeling intimate – if it’s been ongoing for months, it might be a subtle sign that the relationship has come to an end.

    Poor Communication

    Communication is key in any relationship, and this is particularly true for romantic relationships. If you find that you and your partner are constantly butting heads or disagreeing on things, it could be a sign it’s time to break up. This is particularly true if you don’t feel heard or understood by your partner. Before you call it quits, though, make sure that you express how you feel about this with your partner. It could be a case where they had no idea you felt the way you did. Remember: communication works both ways.

    Feeling Contempt for One Another

    One of the greatest predictors of a breakup is when partners start to feel contempt for one another. This could be in subtle gestures like eye rolls or negative facial expressions when a partner is trying to tell the other something. If you find that you or your partner are showing little signs of contempt, there’s a good chance the relationship is already done. It’s hard to move past this stage, as it usually means that each partner has already checked out emotionally.

    Unable to Move on From the Past

    If you or your partner are constantly bringing up or dwelling on the past, this isn’t a good sign for the longevity of your relationship. Both you and your significant other need to be healthy enough to let the past go. If you’re not capable of letting the past go, it’s best that you allow yourself the time to move on from it while you aren’t in a relationship. Holding onto a past relationship or mistake makes it to that the relationship can never fully grow.

    There’s No Excitement Between You Two

    It’s the little things. After the honeymoon stage of a relationship, it’s normal for a relationship to start to slow down. However, if you find that there’s no excitement from you or your partner, then it might mean the spark has officially fizzled out. Relationships are meant to evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and excitement within you at least some of the time. Otherwise, the relationship can start to feel like a chore instead of something that you truly desire.


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