The Formula for Happiness Part I

    When you don't know what to put on, wear happiness; it combines with everything

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    When we talk about happiness, ambiguity could immediately take sides in this regard, and that is that being happy seems a condition conditioned by having or possessing a series of emotional and material elements that can support this theory in a certain way. But it is time to use the alarm clock and realize that happiness is just around the corner and within ourselves.

    What is the formula for eternal happiness?

    We all want to be happy; And although this relationship may seem a bit confusing; happiness is a way of relating to what happens in our environment. Thus, in search of the formula for happiness, the reporter team of The Costa Rica News had the opportunity to talk with Yaniv Shanti, co-founder and director of “El Despertador, Escuela de Felicidad” (Wake Up, The Happiness School).

    In search of a so-called formula for the eternal happiness that humanity has sought for a long time without major discoveries, we, through Shanti, were able to discover where, how and when to activate this formula that is simpler than many would expect.

    Likewise by these times humanity should have placed the dose of a small proportion of this formula of happiness before any other drug. Well, scientific studies have shown that happiness is the axis of everything, even to achieve good health.

    In the pleasant conversation with the co-founder of El Despertador, Escuela de Felicidad, the question arises: can we cultivate happiness? To which his answer is affirmative, making us see that this formula for happiness that we have been talking about throughout the article is simpler than we have thought and is within us even if it sounds like a cliché.

    Where to find inside that formula for happiness according to Yaniv Shanti

    For Yaniv Shanti, the consolidation of happiness does not occur through the typical feelings that we have heard from children that are within us, but rather these can be exercised through a series of muscles that are found within the brain in the central nervous system; These aspects are divided into core elements that must be put into practice to cultivate happiness as if they were an exercise routine.

    Among these, 3 essential actions stand out:

    1. Thankfulness.

    2. Connecting with the environment.

    3. Contributing to others.

    In the same way, various activities are carried out to awaken that formula that is within humanity. One of them is the “cortis“. Cortis can be defined as a sequence of mini activations each followed by a song and a wake-up device. They can be defined in the same way as different dynamics, which are the following:

    1. Focus and relaxation.

    2. Dance and movement.

    3. Games and laughter.

    4. Gratitude and appreciation.

    5. Compassion and self-love.

    6. Emotional health.

    7. Inspiration.

    This initiative will begin to travel Costa Rica from end to end and if you want to achieve your own happiness, you cannot miss out on it.

    “Happiness is not outside, it wakes up inside. Our job is to remind you how”. Yaniv Shanti.

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