The ticos are happy people, but not just any happy people – the happiest of all of Latín America. That is what the World Happiness Report of 2016 revealed, who again gave Costa Rica the crown of happiness, since we also received the throne last year.

Be it for the “choteros” or for the “pura vida,” but the study assures that the ticos occupy spot number 14 of the global index and number one of Latín America. According to the report, that evaluated 156 countries, the ticos have high indexes of hope for their lives, social liberty, generosity, and a high GDP per capita, that are maintained happily.

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The United Nations published this study for the first time in 2012. Since then, Costa Rica has been featured at the top; nevertheless, one cannot ignore that this year Costa Rica lost two levels from 12th place in the world to 14th. Which makes us wonder if over the years the social and economic situation of the country will be robbing us of smiles.

For their part, if we look at the Latín American countries, the list is headed by Costa Rica, followed by Brazil (17), Mexico (21), Chile (24), Panama (25), Argentina (26), Uruguay (29), Colombia (31), Guatemala (39), Venezuela (44), El Salvador (46), Nicaragua (48), Ecuador (51), Bolivia (59), Perú (64), Paraguay (70), Dominican Republic (89), and Honduras (104).

At the global level, Denmark continues to be the king of happiness, while Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden occupy the first 10 places.


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