Flowers that Make Life Happier: Find Out Their Significance

A Flower for any Occasion

Although many times we do not realize it, giving a flower is an act full of meanings. Since it is something that we do not pay enough attention to, in this post you will discover what it really means to give a flower.

Flowers mark a state of mind in us, whether we give them to someone or if we are the recipients of such a traditional and beautiful gift. Giving flowers is one of the great traditions we have in society.

The meaning of giving a flower

Flowers have their own language, they speak to us and tell us the story of our lives. Sometimes they tell us about feelings of love and friendship and on other occasions more sad times, like the death of a loved one.

Flowers are a true reflection of how people who give them feel, so to give flowers is to undress our feelings for the other person, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. But the truth is that flowers are always a success at expressing our feelings.

Sometimes we give flowers because it is a date marked on the calendar (Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day); other times, to celebrate something (a birthday, an anniversary, graduation); and some other times, to show someone that he/she is special or simply to brighten up the day.

Each kind of flower has its own meaning and its own language, here we show you some of them so you know its meaning at the time of giving or receiving. For example, giving a rose can mean love or desire that you feel for a person. But, in reality, that meaning only red roses have.

Roses of other colors have other meanings

Yellow means friendship but also distrust, white can mean innocence or fear and pink means indecision.

Flowers express feelings in front of other people

As you can see, it is not so easy to give flowers knowing that each has its own message and meaning, and depending on the emotions you want to transmit you will have to choose one kind of flower or another.

Women giving flowers to a man

Do not think that because they are men they do not like this kind of gift; their colors stimulate and visually orientate men. For this reason, they prefer bright colors, such as yellow, orange or red. As for the type of arrangements, their tastes are based on contemporary, linear or natural styles. They also appreciate green or flowering plants.

In addition, we must think about their hobbies. Thus, if the recipient of the arrangement is a golf lover, we can structure the arrangement in a box of golf balls. If, on the other hand, he prefers cars, we can add one or two car magazines to the composition.

When Valentine’s Day coincides with a working day, we can send them to his place of work so that he can enjoy them during the hard working day.


Roses are the true queens of all flowers. They are the quintessential symbol of love since they perfectly combine both moments in a relationship. The beauties of their appearance with the potential pain represented by thorns and often making us feel love. The thorns they have are the best way of reminding us that for very good times we live, a relationship is never free of suffering.

Therefore, giving red roses is the best way to say “I love you”. When they are white roses, the love for the couple is also transmitted, but more pure and innocent, so they are perfect when we are starting a new relationship. In contrast, pink roses are related to happiness and spiritual growth, so they are ideal when we have been with our partner for a long time and we want to tell them how happy we feel and how much we would like to continue sharing our life together.

Finally, yellow roses, although they symbolize joy, also they have a hidden facet, jealousy. For this reason, they are less frequent. We all know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but they are also considered a double-edged sword. There is no doubt that it is a very romantic gesture, but they are also cliché flowers.

Therefore, when a man sends red roses and wants to conquer a woman, although it is a declaration of love, certain precautions have to be taken, if you do not want the relationship to go too fast. If you already have a relationship with the person, you are expressing how much you love is there.


Gardenias like other flowers have a fragrance that brings relaxation to our mind

Although these are rare flowers to be sent between lovers, they symbolize joy and give off a very pleasant fragrance. With which, if you receive gardenias, than it means that the person you received them from is insightful and feels happy with the relationship, so it is desired good moments together.


There is no flower that better symbolizes a perfect union than daisies. This flower represents the balance between beauty and simplicity. So, if you are given them, be sure that you are being seen like that, simple and natural, but extremely beautiful. In addition, it is a flower that many uses to ask if the other person corresponds to their feelings, as traditionally has been done defoliating it, “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Orchid: pure sensuality

The orchid, with the exotic sensuality of its forms, evokes the idea of ​​female fertility. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is composed of a wide family of species, with varied shapes and colors. Depending on its color, a different meaning is attributed to it: the white orchid expresses purity; the red, intense desire; violet, wisdom and prudence; the blue, peace and harmony; pink, love and affection, and yellow, eroticism.


If you are given striped carnations, you should know that it is by someone who takes into account the details, but which can symbolize something negative. Striped carnations mean “I cannot be with you, but I’ve tried to find and buy these flowers to tell you this.” What also can reflect cowardice, trying to pave the ground with some flowers. Depending on its color, different meanings are attributed to it: red carnations mean love; pink, maternal love; white carnations, purity. In Portugal, it is a symbol of a democratic revolution.

Lotus flower

By their perfection, they symbolize enlightenment, purity, and creation. They have the particularity that they open their petals at dawn and close them when the sun sets. When it is pink, they favor spiritual evolution. That is why, if a person gives you jasmine, it is an expression that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Cherry blossom: ephemeral beauty.

The cherry blossom is a flower that springs ephemerally at the beginning of spring. Its beauty is simple and delicate, like its colors, ranging from white to pale pink. Due to the brevity of its flowering, it symbolizes the transitory nature of life, but also simplicity and innocence. It is very appreciated for ornamental purposes, due to its symbolism.


Those who give tulips are unconventional people who also like to enjoy the good weather and who have probably seen much of the world throughout their lives. Tulips are beautiful flowers, but also very fun, so if a person gives you tulips, it is certainly a happy and relaxed person.

Poinsettia flower: Christmas and purity

The poinsettia flower, which is actually a plant, is known for its resemblance to a flower because its leaves are a carmine red color. They are used, above all, to decorate at Christmas time, by the similarity of its colors to those used during these holidays. The ancient Mexicans, on the other hand, used this plant as a symbol of the purity of the warrior’s soul that was killed in combat.


Its pleasant aroma and its impressive beauty make it one of the favorite flowers for everyone. Who would not like to have jasmine that will flood with its fragrance every corner of your home? They represent order and neatness and have traditionally been used as protection.

Lily: honor and power

The lily, also known as fleur de lies in heraldry, is a flower of particular elegance, with its curved shapes and the vivacity of the colors. It was formerly used as a symbol of power and honor, purity of body and soul, especially in the shields of the most powerful families. Today, it is part of the emblem of the Scout movement.

Sunflower: joy and spirituality

The sunflower is one of the most festive and enigmatic flowers. Its yellow petals are prized as evocative of light and energy in floral decorations. This flower also has the particularity of always positioning itself towards the sun to take advantage of its rays. The sunflower is considered a symbol of happiness, vivacity and spiritual faith. In addition, it is a sign of good luck and wealth.


SOURCEOsmary Torres
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