Municipal Nursery of San José Will Produce 16 Thousand Trees

As Well as Other Plant Species to Undertake Ambitious Reforestation Plan

A new tree nursery located in Pavas will produce 16,000 trees and shrubs to contribute to the tree planting process of different parks and green areas around the capital of Costa Rica, San José.

The structure was built by the Municipality, in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), through the Productive Landscapes Project of MINAE/GEF /UNDP. The nursery consists of two 400 m2 greenhouses, an air irrigation system that saves water consumption, and a security mesh for the perimeter. It covers an area of 6,000 m2 and required an investment of US$ 32,000 (about ¢ 19,024,320, in local currency).


The funds to build the structure were contributed by the Productive Landscapes Project of UNDP, as part of its cooperation with the María Aguilar Interurban Biological Corridor (CBIMA), which consist of the Municipalities of San José, Montes de Oca, Curridabat, La Unión and Alajuelita.

Tree planting in the Municipal Nursery of San José

It was inaugurated last Tuesday 28th, 2019, by the mayor of San José and authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), as well as representatives of the UNDP in Costa Rica.

“The importance of Productive Landscapes lies in ensuring the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable management of the land, carbon sequestration towards production landscapes and interurban biological corridors; in that sense, we must remember the great importance of trees in our life, since, in addition to providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2), it also refreshes the temperature of urban areas, provide a much more pleasant environment.

The nursery is already producing tree species such as Yellow Bark, Savannah Oak, Black Cortez, Sotacaballos and Olives, among others. Also, decorative species such as Resedos, Jacarandas, Indian Pride, and Magnolias, as well as Palm trees and trees with ornamental potential.

“We are supporting local governments and the MINAE to rehabilitate the sub-basin of the María Aguilar River, in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), strengthen sustainable development, and encourage the inhabitants of this area to enjoy the natural resources that surround them”, said Kifah Sasa, a UNDP program officer.

It was also announced that 8 more tree nurseries will be built with the UNDP funding in the municipalities of San José, Curridabat, Montes de Oca, La Unión, and Alajuelita, which make up the CBIMA.

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