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    Figs, Delicious And Nutritious


    Landing a Tropical Garden at Home

      When one thinks of a tropical climate, they usually picture the sunny beaches or unmatched forests of Costa Rica, or maybe an expedition into...

    Guaria Morada: National Flower of Costa Rica

    It symbolizes the diversity and beauty of our natural ecosystems. The purple orchid is popularly known as the purple guaria whose scientific name is Cattleya...

    Flowers that Make Life Happier: Find Out Their Significance

    Although many times we do not realize it, giving a flower is an act full of meanings. Since it is something that we do...

    12 Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas To Leave You Stunned

    You can’t imagine your wedding ceremony aisle or reception décor without thinking the flowers. A perfect decoration is what wow your guests and you need to...

    Festival of Arts and Flowers in the Lankester Botanical Garden

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - A diverse and artistic display of blossoming plants, mostly orchids, is only one part of the offer of "Feria...
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