Are You a Planned or Routine Kind of Person?

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    There is no truth more evident than one day after another. But what will the next one be like, the same as the previous one, the same as yesterday, the day before? This leads us to refer to the routine-planning relationship. What is routine? Inveterate habit, acquired habit of doing things by mere practice and without reasoning. From this concept, it could be inferred that the word routine is usually associated with a negative connotation “mere practice and without reasoning”.

    Things, events, happen over and over again, nothing happens, nothing changes. For example, an alarm clock that goes off – sometimes it is nice; others unpleasant. When it is not appreciated -in the case of a good result or not, to be reoriented-, the product of the person’s work, before the study, in the working life in a systematic way, by those who correspond to them, in the person himself and especially when there is no fluency in communication between the parties (evaluated – evaluator) the first can be affected, deteriorating the mood, including the attitude and disposition in the various areas of life, from the couple, sex and studies , to work, leisure and social and family relationships.

    What about if the opposite happens? In other words, overcome the search for better results, so that each day is different and better than the previous one. Buzz: 4:30 a.m. turn off the fan, trying to reduce the intensity of the heat -uncontrolled by the fluctuations of climate change-, shave, shower, wake up the family, some to school, others to work, breakfast, watch the news about what happened yesterday, Or what just happened.

    Upon arriving at the university, long before the students and the rest of my colleagues and co-workers, first: review the agenda, to remind me of the day before, what was pending, what was not concluded, due to some unforeseen meeting ; second: check email, news from the written media, from other newspapers depending on the news, both in the political and economic fields, obviously in educational issues, among others; third: from preparing a new class or reviewing the one that touches on the day, slides, evaluations already graded or to be graded to the search and investigation of aspects in the field of methodology and didactics related to my corresponding functions, to my position of worked.

    A stop at lunchtime, and 59 minutes later, back to the “load” and the work continues, until when? Everything will depend on what is planned being fulfilled, also giving space for the unforeseen. At sunset, I return to what is pending, what do we have for tomorrow and in the next week? Will it be anice smile, which shows the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled and home, a phone call to my partner “do you have a long way to go? See you at home, inside…”.

    Can everything described above be classified as routine? Well, not for me… and what about in your case?

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