Public Entities in Costa Rica Take Advantage of Shakira’s Messages in Her latest Song

    For public entities the popularity of Shakira`s most recent song did not go unnoticed and use them in their institutional messages to the Costa Rican population

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    Several public entities in Costa Rica today take advantage of the popularity of the most recent song by the famous Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira to use some of its messages in their own promotional campaigns.

    24 hours after its premiere on social networks, the work Shakira/BZRP, Music Session #53 For guys like you, already occupies first place in Costa Rica as the most viewed on the YouTube channel, something that did not go unnoticed by public institutions, which use phrases by the artist to draw attention towards certain actions.

    The Costa Rican Social Security Fund

    The first of these was the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, which posted on its website “CLEARLY, December is over. Let’s eat healthy and move people!”, in reference to the verse of Shakira’s song “Clearly, it is not as it sounds. He has the name of a good person. Clearly, she’s just like you.”

    The Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ)

    Likewise, the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) posted on its social networks a central image of a cat (as Shakira called her ex-partner Gerard Piqué) with the message “And then, if a scammer calls us, we must say: ‘Sorry baby, I don’t have time for guys like youuuuu”.

    The OIJ ends its poster with “CLEARLY, no bank official should ask you for sensitive information or give instructions over the phone. Don’t pay attention to him, not even if he cries or begs you.All of the above so that Costa Ricans avoid being victims of telephone and Internet scams, which in this nation reach worrying levels.

    The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

    The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation also did not escape the great impact of Shakira’s song and posted on its social networks “For our safety, CLEARLY we must keep the vehicle’s lights on until 6 am. and not participate in PIQUEs”.

    This text refers to the need to comply with the provisions of keeping vehicle lights on until the mentioned time, as well as not participating in “piques”, as illegal automotive races are called here.

    Nothing, that for the public entities of Costa Rica the popularity of the most recent work by the most awarded Latin American singer-songwriter and considered the highest representative of Pop music did not go unnoticed and her spiteful phrases against Piqué and his new partner, Clara Chía, allow them to use them in their messages to the Costa Rican population.


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