Costa Rican Tourism Institute Launches Audiovisual Series On Social Networks That Show Gastronomy as a Travel Motivator

    With three videos of chefs and diners, visitors are invited to visit the areas of Dota, Occidente, Sarapiquí and Limón, attracted by their delicious dishes and products. The material is part of the gastronomic communication tactic of the ICT: “Flavors of Costa Rica”

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    Try the delicious stuffed loin rooster from the Dulcelina soda, in San Vicente de San Carlos or the rice and beans from Soda Patty, in downtown Limón, as well as the trout, avocado, coffee or uchuva liqueur from the restaurants from the Dota area are part of the gastronomic invitations that the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) makes to national tourists to encourage new trips and experiences through an audiovisual series that will be published on their social networks and YouTube channel, from this 2nd and until December 19th.

    Turn gastronomy into a trigger, a motivator for tourism

    These are two series of audiovisual content, the first is entitled “Un fogón, diferentes cucharas” (A stove, different spoons), made up of three chapters starring different chefs, cooks and local gastronomic experts who have been rescuing our identity in the communities of Dota, Western Region. , San Carlos, San Ramón, Sarapiquí and Limón and which they show from the restaurants and sodas where they work.

    On the other hand, the second is called “El valor de nuestros sabores” (The value of our flavors), a series consisting of three chapters with reactions from diners from those same areas, lovers of cuisine prepared in local restaurants, who tell what motivates them to visit both the restaurants and the destinations and what they think of the dishes they taste when they are tourists.

    Both actions are part of the gastronomic communication strategy of the ICT called “Costa Rica, a country of flavors to discover”, whose objective is to turn gastronomy into a trigger, a motivator for tourism in the regions of our country in order to discover and taste its flavors, contributing to the activation of the economic chains linked to this activity.

    Ireth Rodríguez, head of ICT promotion, highlighted the importance of gastronomy as a way to make the tourist experience more enriching. “These audiovisuals show the gastronomic wealth of each area and want to motivate national tourists to visit them, learn about the history of the dishes, of each commercial establishment, which have become a mandatory stop every time these communities are visited,” Rodriguez expressed.

    In both series you can see the variety of ingredients from each area, the use of organic products from each region and how the chefs enhance and adapt them to their menus, making the gastronomic experience unique for diners.

    Delicious food

    Darla Hodsson, a cook since she was 16 years old and in charge of the kitchen at El Patty soda, in downtown Limón, is a protagonist in chef videos. “Here you can find varieties (of food) such as patí, platintá, mondongo soup, agua e ‘sapo, but the most famous of these dishes is rice and beans with chicken. Among the ingredients, you cannot miss the thyme, the Panamanian chili”, Hodsson mentions in the video.

    For his part, Mauricio García, a diner at the Coopedota cafeteria, explains what motivates him to travel from Aserrí to Santa María de Dota to have a coffee with his family. “I like to come here for coffee because it is specialty coffee. I come here, I listen to the river (which passes next to the cafeteria) and it gives me peace,” García commented.

    The launch of both series took place on December 2nd and new episodes will be released during the first weeks of December. All the video material can be seen on the ICT Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel at the following links:
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