Costa Rica Is the Country With the Most Ecotourism Searches Worldwide on the Internet

    According To A Recent Global Study

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    As a world benchmark in Internet searches associated with sustainability, this is how a study by the international firm “Bloom Consulting” highlights the country. The study, about the digital footprint of Costa Rica and positioning of the Country Brand, places Costa Rica as the country with the most digital searches about ecotourism in the world, said the Foreign Trade Promoter.

    High ranking in many areas

    In addition, it places Costa Rica as the third in the world and first in Latin America in terms of National Parks, as well as the fourth in the world and first in Latin America in surfing searches. “Our digital footprint reflects a robust positioning of Costa Rica as a tourist destination, resulting from a very rigorous and committed work for the international promotion and attraction of tourism from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute,” said Gustavo Segura, Minister of Tourism.

    The search report also indicates that the country is the fifth in the world and first in Latin America in diving, the seventh in the world and second in Latin America in bird watching, and the eighth in the world and third in Latin America in beaches.

    One of the conclusions of the study is that the pandemic had a great impact on tourism, as searches for this sector decreased by 50% as of March 2020. The research analyzed the behavior of more than seven million searches in the country on various topics related to tourism and trade.

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