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    How Remote Working Has Impacted the Global Economy and the Environment

    The growth of Remote Working is a reality at a global level. Even more so in times of pandemic,...
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    Resonance Costa Rica: The Ultimate Experience In Wellness Retreat

    Resonance Costa Rica The Ultimate Experience In Wellness Retreat
    According to a recent study, luxury wellness travel will grow exponentially in the next years; That is why the resorts in this market niche have started hard work to include activities that are exclusive and implicit in their services such as emotions, memories and contact with nature, and in this way differentiate and improve its services


    5 Techniques to Support Children in Their Learning Process

    Using educational technology tools and including vocabulary seen in class in everyday actions are just 2 of these techniques....
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    Children’s Museum of San José Illuminates Its Facade With 4.000 Bulbs this December

    The Children's Museum illuminated its façade this Wednesday, December 1st at 7 p.m. Four thousand light bulbs of different colors are responsible for giving light to the façade of the so-called “Castle of Dreams”. This year the activity is held under the concept "Costa Rica lights up with faith and hope." In it, Museíto and Museíta will take the public...





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    5 Places in Costa Rica You Will Not Find in Tourist...

    Costa Rica is not short of visitors, and with so many other travelers coming on, it is sometimes hard to get out of the tourist area.

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