10 Recommended Guidelines to Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019

You Will Not Lose Anything by Trying, but You Will Gain a Lot by Doing It!

It is no secret to anyone that overweight and obesity have become a real problem in today’s society. Both are risk factors for many chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. For this reason, it is necessary to draw up an action plan to redirect this situation, since it is something totally achievable.

But really, it is not enough to have the intention. You have to go from words to deeds. Our health can be compromised, and it is not that complicated to adopt a series of habits that improve our quality of life.

So, if among your purposes for the starting year is all ready to put your health at the top of the list of priorities, we share a series of basic tips aimed at knowing what you should and should not do. As you can see, there are no miraculous recipes but a lot of common sense:

  • Follow a varied diet of foods rich in different nutrients. No food contains all the necessary nutrients so it is necessary to incorporate different types of wheat, corn, rice, pulses, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as foods that provide the necessary proteins, whether of animal or vegetable origin.
    Balanced diet also means healthy food

    Limit the intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt, and alcohol. In the case of sugar, the idea is to reduce its consumption to less than 5% of the total caloric intake; that is some 25 grams at most. In the case of salt, the WHO recommends a maximum consumption of 5 grams per day, equivalent to the amount contained in a teaspoon.

  • Start the day with a full breakfast, mainly with skimmed milk, fruit and, preferably, whole cereals.
  • 5 meals a day, 3 main meals and 2 snacks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It is necessary to try not to spend more than 3 or 4 hours without eating anything. It is necessary to take care of the quantity of the rations and avoid late supper to favor the sleep cycle.
  • Consume 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables; we are talking, more or less, about 400 grams in total.
  • Select and consume preferably lean pieces of meat and poultry, and avoid red meats.
  • Consume fish at least twice a week, preferably bluefish.
  • Choose preferably whole grains.
  • Limit the frequency of consumption of sugary drinks, precooked dishes, and fast food. Most of these products exceed the recommended limits of sugar, sodium, refined fats, or calories.
  • Do physical exercise, depending on everyone’s possibilities and circumstances. No need to squeeze in the gym or long training sessions; it can be enough to walk 30 minutes a day.
    Physical exercise is part of a healthier lifestyle

    Finally, although it does not strictly refer to a balanced diet or exercise, quit smoking. If it is your case, is another purpose that should top your list. There is no associated benefit and there are innumerable harmful consequences for your health.

VIAAbelardo Canelo
SOURCEÁlvaro Piqueras
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