The Best Human Flight Experience Can Only Be Lived With “Skydive Costa Rica”

    If you have the dream of seeing the incredible landscapes of the country from above, there is a certified company with specialists in skydiving that will guide you to fulfill it with 100% security...

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    From the heights everything looks better and even more if it is experiencing human flight with certified skydiving professionals, without a doubt Skydive Costa Rica, is the only company in the country ideal for literally feeling like you are in the clouds.

    Can you imagine one day, from a parachute appreciating the unique climate, mountains, rivers, beaches, islands and the country’s wildlife, it would be magnificent!

    The best thing is that you can do it any day of the week or time of the year, if you like the experience, you can continue your path in the parachute sport by taking the advanced courses that Skydive also offers.

    Learning the best techniques

    With regard to telling you more about the Costa Rican label company, at TCRN we talked with. Arnold Andre, the creator of Skydive Costa Rica – Costa Rica Tropical Skydiving Ltda, who explained to us about the concern since he was a child to have the experience in the skies.

    Arnold is a Costa Rican who always wanted to have an active job outside the office where he could live on the beach, surf, and practice all the extreme sports that he is so passionate about.

    Like many people, there was a time in his life when he did not know what to study or do, but over time, he managed to study Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

    Thanks to his uncle Paul Andre, who had been skydiving with his friends since the 1980s, Arnold was inspired to create the drop zone since skydiving had previously disappeared in the country.

    Today Skydiving Costa Rica been skydiving for 16 years, it has more than 8,000 jumps and all the licenses that exist in extreme sports, including a special license to be able to do demonstration jumps in small places, in addition to the license issued by the FAA of the United States to be able to pack the chutes and make repairs to the equipment.

    Skydive and its more than 10 years fulfilling dreams

    Since 2007, Andre already had a project to create a skydiving area. He began to train in New Zealand, where he spent a year and four months, he traveled to the United States on vacation from the university to do all the possible jumps at Skydive University in Florida, when he finished his university degree, he went again to complete the jumps he needed to be an instructor, as recommended and at the end of 2012 Skydive Costa Rica was already founded.He evaluated the possibility of having a permanent jumping site in Costa Rica, which had been tried for more than thirty years and no one had succeeded.

    What inspires you about the country and which areas have been ideal to practice skydiving?

    For Arnold, Costa Rica has a wonderful setting. Its climates are warm practically everywhere where you jump with a parachute, the beaches, the rivers are incredible.The Central Pacific offers an ideal area to practice this sport since the winds are always light, so it is super safe to practice skydiving.

    “Within the central Pacific it includesJaco, Playa Hermosa, Manuel Antonio, which is our areafavorite and it is where we have the company, without a doubt the landscapes that can be appreciated are wonderful”, he said.

    Arnold emphasized the best jumping experiences they have had in the Central American country, it was precisely jumping on Uvita beach, during the Envision festival where many people happily received them and then invited them to the world-class event, by the way he highlighted their charm with Envision “where they have scenery of all kinds, multicultural, music, interesting organic and natural education.”

    Outside the country, the Skydive CR team has had several incredible experiences, one of the best was in May 2022 in Slovenia where they jumped on top of one of the highest mountains in the world and flew the parachutes over it to the bottom, really something unforgettable.

    An internationally recognized drop zone

    Arnold André, also told us that the drop zone has been recognized for the third consecutive year on Trip Advisor as the top 10 activities worldwide, which is agreat source of pride for the country and, of course, for all those who are part of it. of skydiving.

    It is worth noting that Arnold is the founder of the Federation of Skydiving and related CostaRica, endorsed by the Costa Rican Sports and Recreation Institute (ICODER), are also endorsed by the Civil Aviation DGAC.

    The El Salvador Skydiving Federation gave them great recognition for the contributions and inductions made, to help them practice the sport in a safer way and progress in the best way, following all the indications: that the equipmentsare in good condition, as well as the weather and having a good aircraft.

    Currently, Arnold is an affiliate member of the USPA (United States Parachuting Association), the most recognized worldwide.They have participated in various events, mostly international ones where they perform special formations, dynamic jumps and also free fall competitions in Guatemala and as we mentioned before in El Salvador; they have been 9 times Central American champions/sub-champions in speed, precision and distance, “we have competed in the United States, Poland, Italy, among other countries”.

    What have been your main focuses as a company so that people have the best experiences?

    In Arnold’s opinion, the main focus of Skydive Costa Rica is safety, “it is a sport that can be practiced completely safely, the important thing is to stick to the procedures, having a good mentor throughout the experience, someone who knows how to guide you, who knows what he is doing, who is very good. It is something indescribable and the only way to know it is by jumping,” he added.

    There is something very important, that we cannot fail to inform you about, and it is the styles of skydiving in which Arnold and part of his team of professionals perform.

    They do almost all the modalities of skydiving and they are good at all of them, but the ones they like the most are fast angle flight and also high performance small parachutes, the fastest in the world, in those two they are the best: Angle Tracking and Swooping .

    Finally, Arnold André invites you to jump with Skydive Costa Rica – Costa Rica Tropical Skydiving Ltda, “to live as close to human flight as only by doing it can you know how incredible it is, we invite you to do it with us since we are the only company in Costa Rica that has an impeccable record of 100% safety, we have the best equipment on the market, the aircraft in the best workshop in the country, and our area is located in an incredibly beautiful place, the Manuel Antonio National Park. its beaches and surroundings, in addition to coming to jump you can go hiking, swimming on the beach, extreme sports in rivers, there is a lot of activity in the area, we are open every day”.

    If you want to know more about Skydive, you can enter their website

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