Microclimates of Costa Rica: Nature Without Limits

    Costa Rica, a paradise with a tropical climate

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    The tropical climate of our country is a set of elements of the weather that define the heterogeneous climatic features that the Costa Rican territory presents. In general, the country is located in the neotropic region, so it has tropical characteristics, with two well-defined seasons throughout the year: the dry (also called dry or summer) and the rainy (called winter or green season). In addition, in the middle of the latter a phenomenon called “Veranillo de San Juan” occasionally occurs, when the climate again becomes a dry season for a short period.

    This mixture is what makes life in our country conformed by jungle of exuberant beauty and ideal beaches for sunbathing make Costa Rica become a paradisiacal destination with incredible diverse microclimates.

    Located in the tropics, our country,  has the so-called twelve unique climatic zones in this part of the world. Where its temperatures can vary and contrast between hot and humid or between dense and cold winds.

    Dry season

    The weather is at its best in the dry season, and it is the perfect time to visit the many beaches. In the dry season, summer is essential and is the peak period of the country for visitors and tourism. Tourists can sunbathe as it is ideal for outdoor activities and adventures. However, the central valley enjoys a perpetual spring climate, with average daily temperatures of 75 degrees Celsius along the beach. Most tourist attractions will be much busier during this time of year. Especially during vacations.

    Green (wet) season

    The green season is an ideal time to explore the forests. It is also great for surfing the bigger waves and rafting is not far behind as the rivers are very full of water. This time of year tends to have sunny mornings with tropical rains in the afternoons.

    The rainy season is known as the aptly named green season for its vibrant emerald green landscapes, this season does not mean that you will have rain all day. On the contrary, the mornings are typically sunny throughout the year.

    The rains usually come in quick gusts that stop as quickly as they start, so this is a good time to explore Costa Rica. You will find beaches and the rainforest, the whole country is lush and green. Even the dry plains of Guanacaste turn green, a sight to appreciate.

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    Costa Rica will conduct a new study to measure the effectiveness of equine serum

    the clinical evolution of the patient, morbility between 7 and 28 days of hospitalization
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