ICT and Red Cross Sign New Agreement to Prevent Water Accidents on 9 Beaches in the Country

    Thanks to this new agreement, the ICT will allocate ¢ 1,200 million in a 4-year period for the payment of salaries and the basic equipment necessary for 30 lifeguards

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    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Costa Rican Red Cross signed a new Cooperation Agreement for the Prevention of Aquatic Accidents on 9 beaches in the country. This was done again since the previous agreement expired on April 10th.

    Thanks to this new agreement, the ICT will allocate ¢1.2 billion in a 4-year period for the payment of wages and the basic equipment necessary for 30 lifeguards. These are duly trained people who “will actively and full-time participate in prevention and rescue work”, both entities reported last Saturday.

    The beaches where there will be the presence of these lifeguards are:

    • Cocles

    • Manzanillo

    • Ventanas

    • Tamarindo

    • Caldera

    Manuel Antonio (Espadilla)

    • Negra

    • West Esterillos

    • Ballena Bay

    “The ICT has always kept security as a fundamental part of tourism, although it is not a direct competition of the institution. We support different public institutions and the private sector in tourist security. This agreement is part of that spirit of cooperation to offer nationals and foreigners a safer environment when they enjoy the sun and the beach in the most visited areas of the country”, said Tourism Minister William Rodríguez.

    Statistics: 1,900 bailouts and 800,000 precautions

    According to data from the Costa Rican Red Cross, during the validity of the previous agreement from April 4th, 2019 to April 10th, 2023, the hired lifeguards made more than 800,000 precaution alerts. They also carried out more than 1,900 bailouts and applied 409 first aid maneuvers to national and foreign tourists.

    “Thanks to the joined efforts of 2 major institutions such as the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the MeritoriousCosta RicanRed Cross is that we achieved more lifeguards in the beaches of our country. From the institution we seek prevention to save lives and this link seeks to promote safe beaches spaces for visitors”, said DyanneMarenco González, President of the Costa Rican Red Cross.

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