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    Defending the human presence above the commercial dividend

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    “You have to think that any era has its intervals of opportunities. The essential thing is to resist and recover, to focus on the quality of jobs, an issue in which employers and workers must be involved, but also governments through beneficial dialogue”.

    The vocation of every human being is to live; and, at the same time, go out of their way to provide laborious creativity at each dawn, so that the grove of the lineage can continue, taking root over time and connecting to the existence of the different experiential epochs.

    Decent work

    Therefore, every human being must get involved in decent work, which is what truly dignifies us, under the impulse of social justice. It is not riches or ostentation, but equanimity and occupation, that bring sap and joy. Let us, then, allow the future to evaluate us according to the mission, through a service of constancy, method and organization.

    Subsequently, the enjoyment of their achievements will appear, which are what really brighten our horizons and give us the proper orientation. As in everything, the love we put into what we do is the only thing that is worth and saves us from this totally inhuman and dehumanizing world.If uniting is the beginning of everything, looking for them together is the advance for the functioning of societies and a whole gesture of communion and twinning.

    Let us look back at that human capital, where volitional and intellectual capacities are applied, eager for an inclusive labor market, with compliant wages and remuneration, particularly for the millions of workers, with low wages, which prevent a standard of living appropriate.

    Of course, we must all cooperate so that the economic system, on which we are based, does not disturb the aesthetics of the collective good over the private one. Precisely, the peculio is usually a domain appropriated by an elitist minority, that the only thing that strives for it is to force the majority to work for its benefit.

    Flourish in humanity together

    From these harsh stories we have to wake up sooner rather than later. We deserve to flourish in humanity together. Loving through daily chores not only rebuilds us, it also makes us grow and recreate each other.

    Security is significant

    By the way: “He who does not live safely does not live”, said the unforgettable Francisco de Quevedo. By the way, in June 2022, the International Labor Conference decided to include, with great success, “a safe and healthy work environment”, within the framework of fundamental principles and rights with the commitment of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

    Without a doubt, each of us is responsible for stopping deaths and injuries in the workplace. Prioritizing and investing in the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases, within occupational health and safety programs, is a good objective. It helps the sustainability of economies, thus guaranteeing a healthy and productive workforce. The important thing is not to let our enthusiasm fade, so as not to drown in our own miseries. And thus, both doing and undoing as well as saying and acting belong to us by natural order. In short, everything has its time so as not to get bored and fall into idleness.

    Certainly, and despite the fundamental truth of the perennial value of diligence, we know that there are many obstacles transposed in today’s society. We find ourselves in a new time, which requires deep and accelerated changes, but also not to leave anyone behind.

    In this sense, mutual protection is a fundamental element, a necessary impulse to avoid falling into discouragement, in these times of global crisis. You have to think that any era has its intervals of opportunities. The essential thing is to resist and recover, to focus on the quality of jobs, an issue in which employers and workers must be involved, but also governments through beneficial dialogue.

    Leaders, who must always be alive to combat the greatest obstacles to development, such as poverty and inequality. Personally, I admit that when I have been busy all day, the night tastes like rest and my soul is filled with satisfaction.

    A personal contribution to general progress

    Let us never forget that through the vocational work exercise we must obtain the necessary support; At the same time, we offer a personal contribution to general progress, with a solidarity dimension of our walk on earth.

    Consequently, we must contribute to making accidents and job insecurity visible and to denounce what causes them, so that they are no longer considered normal. Undoubtedly, we need to put the cooperating means so that this does not happen and, in addition, the bureaucratic procedures are facilitated for the victims and their families, so that their situation of accidents is recognized.

    Defending the human presence above the commercial dividend

    Although it sounds archaic and repetitive, it is still necessary to defend the human presence above the commercial dividend, the dignity of the person above everything else, including the productive issue, as well as the collective good that must also be placed above the accumulation of wealth . In any case, hopefully we will have the opportunity to discover ourselves, lending a hand and sharing dreams.

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