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    Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock begins First Hemp Harvest in Costa Rica

    The crops are part of an investigation that aims to analyze the potential of hemp in the country
    Costa Rica Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    The Government Expects Agreement with Deputies on the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Bill

    This past Monday, the national deputies Zoila Rosa Volio (independent) and Paola Valladares (liberationist) asked the Executive Power to summon file 21,388 "Law of...

    Was there Progress in Costa Rica with Regards to Hemp and Cannabis during 2020?

    The year 2,020 has already ended and Costa Ricans continue to wait for strong answers, due to the pending approval of the bill to...

    Legislative Bill on Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis as an Alternative Proposal to Avoid Imposing...

    Tico Legislator Zoila Rosa Volio advocated for the approval of her bill on hemp and medicinal cannabis as an alternative proposal to avoid imposing...

    Hemp vs. Marijuana, the Debate Continues

    Hemp and its sexy cousin Marijuana come from Cannabis Sativa. This single plant species encompasses thousands of different varieties and strains, grown for different...
    Costa Rica Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    Costa Rica: Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    The production and commercialization of derivatives of Cannabis and Hemp are taking their first steps in Costa Rica

    PROCOMER Sees a Good Scenario for the Country to Commercialize CBD and Hemp Derivatives

    The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER), pointed out in its most recent study, “Characterization of international commercialization alternatives for industrial Hemp that, "there...

    Mask to Prevent COVID-19 Infection is Made of Hemp

    A French company has created an approved mask against COVID-19 made of Hemp and that also can be composted. “Due to its characteristics, Hemp...

    What are the Alternatives for the Cultivation and Processing of Cannabis/Hemp in Costa Rica?

    In recent days, the TCRN team had a conversation with the Deputy of Costa Rican Legislative Assembly, Zoila Volio, regarding her interest in promoting...
    Medical Marijuana Clinic

    Bill Introduced to Legalize Medical Marijuana and Hemp in Costa Rica

    All around the world, different countries are considering the question of whether to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, as well as the growing of...

    Marijuana in Costa Rica: Laws, History and Potential

    Whether you hate it or love it, frequent news reports suggest Cannabis is a plant to be reckoned with sooner rather than later. There’s a...
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