Tico Deputies Set a 1% Surcharge for the Production of Medicinal Cannabis

    It will apply to those who engage in authorized activities on medical and therapeutic use of cannabis

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    The Tico deputies of the Environment Commission concluded with the analysis of the motions to project 21,388 on the production of medicinal cannabis and hemp. In one of the amendments, a tax on profits was set with a surcharge of 1% on net income. Thus, it will apply to those who engage in authorized activities on medical and therapeutic use of cannabis.

    Karine Niño, a liberationist deputy, explained that with the previous wording it could be interpreted as double taxation and be declared unconstitutional. With this motion, only a technical correction is made compared to how it was embodied in the project, although it continues to be the same tribute that was already established, he detailed.

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    Specific destinations

    The proceeds from this tax have specific destinations of 10% each for the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs. In addition, 20% each for the Health and Maternity Insurance and the National Center for Pain Control and Palliative Care, both from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

    Finally, 30% will go to the National Development Fund for the Development Banking System, in order to provide financing exclusively to the sector. Additionally, a motion was approved so that those who dedicate themselves to these activities can function under the Free Zones Regime scheme. However, they must always pay the excise tax of 1%.

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    More motions

    In total, this week the legislative forum approved ten motions that define aspects of terms and renewal of licenses, as well as clarity on why said permits would be eliminated. In addition, it is added that the CCSS must issue a card to patients who require cultivation for self-consumption.

    Furthermore, all police forces are authorized to make unauthorized cannabis and hemp seizures. With the end of the second day of motions, the project is now ready for voting in the first and second debate in Plenary. Zoila Rosa Volio, proposing deputy, previously acknowledged that they await said procedure during the ordinary sessions. These sessions end on October 31st. Therefore, the initiative could be approved this month.

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