Digital Platform Helps People With Symptoms Of Depression

    Pfizer's "Depression and Life" Tool Allows Users to Schedule Medical Consultations with HuliHealth Services

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    With the pandemic, people are experiencing increasing problems of depression, anxiety, fear, and even insomnia disorders. This, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), has increased the demand for mental health services.

    In this context, the “Depression and Life” platform allows people to schedule medical consultations with HuliHealth services. The objective of Pfizer Central America and the Caribbean (CAC) with the creation of this tool is that those who have symptoms or are at risk of suffering from this type of disease, can access free help through:

    Diagnostic tests

    Within the site, users will be able to do a test in case they do not know if depression is affecting them and to what degree, the option is in the PHQ-9 button. This test is used worldwide and consists of nine questions that will guide the severity of the disease and optimize its follow-up during the treatment phase; However, the result obtained does not represent a clinical diagnosis nor does it substitute the criteria of a specialist physician.

    To schedule consultations, those interested should choose the HuliHealth option -an external digital platform with which Pfizer partnered-, where they will have access to a directory of doctors and can choose the one of their preference.

    “We decided to create a digital platform in alliance with other strategic partners, aimed at the care of people with symptoms or suffering from depression in the country. Today more than ever, mental health must become everyone’s priority; patients, family members, health professionals, industry and even the health system itself, because only in this way can patients feel more confident to ask for support and work on the recovery of their quality of life”, said Bradley Silcox, general manager of Pfizer Central America and the Caribbean.

    Depressive states increased by 50% in Costa Rica

    A study by the National University (UNA) and the Distance State University (UNED) determined that depressive states increased by 50% in the Costa Rican population, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Likewise, that about 61% of the Costa Rican population has symptoms of depression.

    Among the most important data on depression is that the prevalence of symptoms has been three times higher since the health emergency began, compared to estimates for mental health. In addition, that Covid-19 triggers a mental illness in one in five survivors.

    “At Pfizer, we encourage people to start thinking more about themselves and to know that feeling good about themselves is essential to being good with others. Likewise, it is not only necessary to ensure physical health, but also mental health, in order to adequately cope with day-to-day stress, work productively, interact with others and contribute positively to society”, explained Dr. Carlos Cano, medical manager of the pharmaceutical company that created the platform.

    Those interested in accessing the “Depression and Life” platform and taking the test can do so from any electronic device with an Internet connection (computer, tablet or mobile phone), anywhere and at any time of the day and night.

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