Institutions Join Efforts to Promote Technological Development in Rural Areas of Costa Rica

    Investment of ₡1,098 million will equip 12 Community Innovation Laboratories (LINC) and strengthen 44 Intelligent Community Centers (CECI) throughout the country

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    The Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), the Institute for Rural Development (INDER) and the Costa Rican Promoter of Innovation and Research announced today a strategic alliance to strengthen Community Innovation Laboratories (LINC) and Intelligent Community Centers (CECI) in rural areas of Costa Rica. The main objective of this initiative is to close the digital divide and promote the development of technological skills in rural communities.

    The Minister of MICITT, Paula Bogantes, highlighted the importance of this initiative for the development of the country: “We are committed to bringing innovation and technology to every corner of Costa Rica. The LINCs and CECIs will be spaces where rural communities will be able to access cutting-edge tools and knowledge, which will allow them to develop solutions to their own challenges and improve their quality of life.”

    Innovating and generating solutions

    For his part, INDER President Osvaldo ArtaviaCarballo highlighted the impact this project will have on rural development: “We firmly believe in the potential of rural communities to innovate and generate solutions to their own problems. This alliance with MICITT and Promotora will allow us to strengthen local capacities and promote more inclusive and sustainable rural development.”

    Providing the necessary support

    Patricia Rojas, General Manager of the Promotora de Innovación added: “The Promotora is proud to be part of this initiative that will boost innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas of Costa Rica. We are committed to providing the necessary support for the LINCs and CECIs to become engines of development for their communities.”

    Community Innovation Labs (LINCs) are open and creative spaces that provide a stimulating and collaborative environment for the development of new solutions to community needs. They aim to be a catalyst for generating innovation in communities, promoting cross-sectoral articulation, the development of local capacities and skills, and the creation of practical and sustainable long-term solutions. These laboratories incorporate elements of robotics, cybersecurity, programming and big data analysis, providing users with tools that improve their employability.

    The Intelligent Community Centers (CECI) are spaces for learning and training in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) that are located in various parts of the national territory, coordinated by the MICITT together with strategic partners from the private sector, academia, community organizations, local governments and other public institutions. For several years they have facilitated access to information and knowledge allowing the development of digital skills in rural communities.

    With this investment, it is expected to equip 12 new LINCs and strengthen 44 CECIs throughout the country. The project is framed within the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation, and seeks to promote a more equitable and technologically advanced society.

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