10 Plants to Generate Positive Energy

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    People do not stop being emotional at any time, and it is that with the amount of sensations we have to manage every day in our jobs, in our social circles, it is important to have a home in which we feel safe and at peace.

    Therefore, we recommend the following 10 plants that will generate positive energy in your home and workplace:

    1- Basil: its aroma increases sexual energy between lovers. Mixed with pieces of charcoal and burned as incense, it favors the marriage union. Stored in a bag, it facilitates good business.

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    2- Azalea: Ideal for the good flow of Chi or energy. Harmonize energy fields and appreciate the company of other plants.

    3- Cactus: That they are very small and placing them near the computer and out of immediate circulation helps to eliminate electrostatic charge from the computer.

    4- Mint: Mint has always been known for its medicinal properties but simply having it at home can help promote possibility and eliminate bad vibes. Mint is placed in the bedrooms as it helps fight insomnia and improves communication with your partner.

    5- Aloe Vera: It is a plant known for attracting prosperity and positive energy anywhere in the home where it is located. It is popularly believed that when the Aloe Vera plant grows with vitality it is because it is attracting good luck. If it withers, it is because it has protected us by absorbing negative energy.

    6- Jasmine: It is recommended to have this plant in the bedroom and / or spaces where they are most shared with the couple, as it strengthens the relationship and romance.

    7- Rosemary: Rosemary is a plant with great medicinal benefits. Contains essential oils that stimulate brain activity. On a spiritual level, this plant is known to attract sincere love and happiness.

    8- Thyme: Thyme is a plant that since ancient times has been used to clean spaces from bad vibrations. It is considered as a purifier, since it fights bad energy, prevents nightmares and promotes self-esteem. Having it at home ensures protection of the home and its inhabitants.

    9- Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are known for their beauty and for providing a sense of comfort in the home. It promotes happiness and good humor, so it is recommended for spaces where constant tension and discussions are generated. Chrysanthemums are related to a life of relaxation.

    10- Eucalyptus: It is recommended for business or office, as it is a plant that attracts prosperity. It is also ideal for better falling asleep and freeing up spaces of heavy energy.

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