In One Month Applications for Hemp Cultivation in Costa Rica Rise From 2 To 11

    Any planting that is carried out without authorization will be illegal and eliminated

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    A total of 11 requests of authorization for hemp cultivation are lining up at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG). In addition, the ministry has only issued one of these authorizations to Ingenio Taboga S.A. in Bebedero de Cañas, Guanacaste. This will develop the hemp cultivation and processing project in an area of ​​150 hectares. This represents a change from a month ago, on October. At that time, the MAG only reported two requests and none had been granted.

    These are the first to be managed after the regulation that allows the cultivation and industrialization of this product was published. Any other planting of this product that is carried out without prior authorization will be illegal and will give rise to the Public Force to enter and eliminate the plants.

    Applications from companies and cooperatives

    The Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Fernando Vargas, pointed out that there is a team of three people and a courier authorized to manage these authorizations for hemp and medical cannabis.

    On the other hand, he explained that they had received the intention to start both from entrepreneurs who already have the technology to start the development, as well as from organized groups or cooperatives that also seek to integrate into this market.

    The following are the permits that are processed related to industrial hemp:

    • Authorization for hemp cultivation, production and related activities (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock)
    • Authorization for the manufacture of hemp derivatives and products of sanitary interest (Ministry of Health)

    On the other hand, all those who intend to produce these products must have registered seed that, later, allows traceability until harvest. Those who are interested in submitting applications and obtaining more information on the planting authorization process for these products can enter the page

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