Tico Deputies Not Giving Up on Legalizing Medical Cannabis and Hemp Production

    Expectations increase due to the decision of the deputies of the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly in favor of the production of medicinal cannabis and hemp and meanwhile, the Executive Power has not convened bill 21,388 for the second period of extraordinary sessions, because it is still is in consultation of constitutionality ...

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    A few days ago, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica approved bill 21,388, for the production, industrialization and commercialization of medicinal cannabis and hemp, only for industrial purposes. It is worth noting that previously the project was presented by Deputy Zoila Rosa Volio and received 33 votes in favor and 13 against.

    On repeated occasions, legislators have requested greater interest from the Costa Rican government in this initiative, which would be timely for the recovery of the economy.

    Greater purposes

    The bill for the production of medicinal cannabis and hemp having constitutional approval and attention, would help to greatly benefit the population not only economically, but also in their health situation, since cannabis can alleviate pain or nerve damage, in addition to controlling nausea and vomiting.

    The law would allow Tico authorities to grant licenses for the production and industrialization of cannabis for medical or therapeutic purposes. The cultivation, production, industrialization, commercialization of non-psychoactive hemp or cannabis and its products or by-products, for food and industrial purposes, would be declared free, without special or additional prior authorization from the authorities.

    As we have mentioned in our previous articles, hemp has a low THC content and is ideal for the manufacture of textiles, food, seeds, oils, biofuels, medicines and cosmetics, among others.

    According to government data, hemp is a developing world industry, with growth expectations of around 22%, and it is estimated that the profit in terms of its derivatives is around $ 10,000 per hectare.

    Does the executive ignore the deputies?

    When the bill was presented a few months ago, the Government expressed its support for the hemp industry, but opposed the legalization of medicinal cannabis, because it considered “that it does not have the tools to exercise adequate control of the activity”.

    Now, a few days ago, the Executive Power presented the first convocation decree for the second schedule of extraordinary sessions of the legislative period 2021-2022, here the bill on medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp was left out.

    In this regard, 30 legislators asked the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, to convene as of November 1st. They had justified their request given the need and importance of having an alternative medicine for people with serious health problems and that the initiative will promote foreign investment, which will generate greater dynamism in the economy.

    It is worth noting that the Constitutional Chamber has one month to pronounce on the constitutionality of Law 21,388 in addition to endorsing it, therefore, the text will return to Congress so that the second and final vote can be scheduled.

    Between November and February, the period of extraordinary sessions will take place in which the Executive will have control over the project agenda, so the second vote on the cannabis initiative will depend on the priorities established by the Government.


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