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    Digital and Human Skills That Will Grow the Most In 2022

    Acquiring this type of skills for work will keep companies, institutions and workers current in the post-COVID era, characterized by an acceleration in automation processes

    The Digital Footprint: An Online Double-edged Sword

    Everyone that uses the Internet creates his/her digital footprint. All comments made on social media, the news article you share, even the purchases you...

    Digital Mask Application Is Now Enabled in Costa Rica

    Since this past Wednesday, Costa Rica joined the list of more than 60 countries that enabled the COVID-19 contact notification service created by Google...

    Excessive Use Of Digital Screens is Like a Silent Drug For Children

    Children are more exposed to excess technology right now. Therefore, it is not a question of demonizing its benefits, but rather of supervising and...

    Tico Minister of Science: Pandemic Is Also an Opportunity

    For the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica, Paola Vega, the health crisis that has affected the world since the end of 2019

    Digital Euro Gets the Go-Ahead

    The European Central Bank (ECB) reported today its preparation to issue a digital euro, to complement the current banknotes. For the member of the...

    Digital Lab Will Travel Around Costa Rica in 2018

      A truck will become the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory or Mobile Fab Lab, which will travel around the country bringing innovation to the communities, starting...
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