Digital and Human Skills That Will Grow the Most In 2022

    Acquiring this type of skills for work will keep companies, institutions and workers current in the post-COVID era, characterized by an acceleration in automation processes

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    If you want to stay current in the job market, you need to know the skills that will be most in demand during 2022. The digital and human skills required by workers in 2022 are changing due to a double disruption, the advancement of automation processes and the continuity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In fact, it is estimated that by 2025, 85 million jobs worldwide will be displaced by rapid automation, with 40% of jobs changing skill requirements for workers.This means that automation and the advancement of technology are not necessarily negative events, since, although they displace old functions performed by humans, they also generate demand for new classes of professionals.

    The advancement of new technologies will generate 149 million jobs by 2025 and 69% of global companies are already reporting talent shortages, derived from the transition to the digital age.

    This type of ability is defined as that necessary to master digital devices, communication applications and networks to access and manage information, according to the definition of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

    Here are the 10 most in-demand digital skills in 2022:

    1. Product Design

    2. Data visualization

    3. UX Design (User Experience)

    4. Statistical display

    5. Security Strategy

    6. Cloud Infrastructure (use and implementation of tools in cloud services)

    7. Supply Chain Systems

    8. Social Media

    9. Operations Management

    10. Business Process Management

    Although some of the above skills were already in demand before the pandemic, there are others that gained importance with the post-COVID-19 economic reactivation, such as the implementation of supply chain systems and the use of cloud tools, an essential task for the digital transition of companies.

    But an analysis by the consulting firm Gartner highlights that the skills to create data visualization and storytelling are gaining importance in the consumption of business intelligence, because they are essential for executive decision-making. This market will, in fact, grow to a value of more than $ 5 billion.

    Las habilidades digitales y humanas que más crecerán en 2022, según Coursera

    These are the Human skills with the highest growth in 2022:

    (No less valuable or easier to learn than technical skills)

    1. Communication

    2. Organizational change management

    3. Professional development

    4. Storytelling (ability to find and show a logical narrative in the middle of complex processes)

    5. Planning

    6. Persuasion

    7. Decision making

    8. Troubleshooting

    9. Human development

    10. Human Resources

    Each of these skills require in turn a set of cognitive, social, emotional, creativity skills, but also critical thinking and interpretation of information for decision-making and correct communication, indicates the document.

    Other issues that revolve around the soft skills that are in vogue are resilience, empathy, emotional intelligence and the ability to work ethically and effectively at the same time.

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