This Will Be the Upcoming WHO Digital Vaccination Passport

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    The World Health Organization has constantly reiterated that it would be premature to end the coronavirus pandemic, since contagion remains high in many countries and global vaccination has not reached the minimum required.

    For this reason, the WHO is working on the creation of a digital vaccination passport with global validity. The objective is to provide a homogeneous instrument that facilitates the procedures required for international travel.

    So far, the organization is working on 4 large-scale vaccine certification programs. These are: the digital certificate of the European Union, the DIVOC Program of India and the VDS-NC of Australia, in addition to the smart health pass of Apple and Walmart.

    Brian Anderson, Chief Medical Officer of Digital Health at the non-profit organization MITER, is the creator of this project of Vaccination Credentials valid throughout the world. This initiative seeks to ensure that all vaccine accreditation approaches are interoperable, between the various countries and regions.

    The idea, experts say, is for a QR code to link a person’s immunization records globally, freeing them from the need to keep a paper immunization record.

    It is important to note that the WHO, in general, is against asking for a vaccination certificate to make the right to travel effective. However, because the distribution of vaccines is still unequal among the various countries of the world, the organization has begun to consider it necessary.

    WHO is working on a new digital vaccination passport

    However, there are still countries such as the United States or regions of the European Union that require a complete vaccination regimen to cross their borders.

    The troubling issue is that unlike many countries that have centralized health systems which do federal oversight of immunization registries, some nations like the United States do not. The Joe Biden administration has said on several occasions that it has no federal mandate in mind that requires a national vaccination certificate.

    The Smart Health Pass is used as a digital certificate of vaccination in 22 states in the United States. And another 6 states are expected to launch the initiative. The certificate allows access to the digital document through the electronic health record networks used by the majority of the US population.

    For experts, a vaccination passport that connects current and WHO-endorsed systems would not only strengthen global security, but could also prevent future forgery.

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