Excessive Use Of Digital Screens is Like a Silent Drug For Children

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    Children are more exposed to excess technology right now. Therefore, it is not a question of demonizing its benefits, but rather of supervising and accompanying its use in children and young people.

    The screens cause a real addiction, there is a lot of research that confirms them. For example those carried out by the University of Maryland and the University of UCLA. Both point out that this addiction is similar to cocaine, since it affects the central nervous system as well as the brain. There is a discharge of dopamine that generates well-being and pleasure, which is why they never want to stop.

    Long hours in front of the screen

    I have seen children spend up to 5 or 6 hours playing video games or cell phones. Some do not even want to leave the room, even to sleep they are checking the cell phone. The stories and family time are being replaced by the use of screens.

    Digital technology can have the same effects as a drug on the minds of our little ones. Any mom or dad who has fought with their child to turn off their tablet knows how difficult it can be for a child to let go of the screen.

    The sense of despair that occurs when children’s cell phones or screens are taken away is evident. Parents comment that sometimes they prefer to leave the screen to them, to have to see them so upset or desperate.

    There are many effects such as anxiety, neck and wrist pain, sleep disorders, in some cases depression, insecurity, the processes of attention and concentration and the management of frustration are affected.

    Brain addictions

    Once the brain detects a dopamine or happy hormone spike, the person instantly feels a surge of happiness. Naturally, it is difficult to break a bad habit that makes you feel extremely good. Yes, we need smartphones. But moms and dads should know that making children distracted by the phone can affect their child’s mental and emotional development.

    It is essential to take it into account the monitor of its proper use.

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