Six New Upcoming Costa Rican Movies

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)- 2013 will be year with the largest feature movie production in Costa Rica, since at least six movies are in post-production stage or are already finished and will hit the screens by the end of the year.

    Among the upcoming productions, five movies were directed by Costa Ricans and one by a Guatemalan, all produced and filmed in the country.

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    This prolific Costa Rican movie premieres period tico began in February, when “Red Princesses” by Laura Astorga, debuted at the International Movie Festival of Berlin. The film will be exhibited in October.

    That same month the films “Puerto Padre” by Gustavo Fallas, and “Father”,  by Guatemalan Alejo Chrysostom are also expected to hit the big screens.

    “Por las Plumas” by Ernesto Villalobos, will also be shown for the first time in national cinemas in October, and before than at an European Film Festival.

    “Amaurosis”, by Mendez Wainer, and “History of an Oscar” by Dyrson Brown, are two productions that do not yet release dates. However, both directors expect the films to be ready to be projected before the year ends.

    Four of these productions are contesting for their premieres to take place at the International Film Festival Peace with Earth, which will take place in October of 2013. SU

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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