Authorities Intensify Operations against Illegal Entry Into the Turrialba Volcano

    They also found three dogs without owners and garbage that affects the species of the national park

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    During an operation, the National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) found 58 people illegally entering the Turrialba volcano.The discovery was made on April 28th, when this group was walking “through an unauthorized area at the top of the volcano, near the edge of the active crater,” the entity reported.

    “Due to the serious problem caused by the entry of people into unauthorized areas, operations are being carried out” added Sinac, which calls for avoiding these dangerous practices.

    According to Franz Tattenbach, Minister of Environment and Energy, surveillance and control actions are carried out based on information from people and agencies that offer entry to prohibited areas.

    “Given the growing number of pages on social networks that promote and sell illegal tours, complaints received and, most importantly, the risk faced by people who enter high-exposure areas.“There are constant gas emissions, the possibility of ash eruptions and the danger of large rocks,” Tattenbach said.

    Risk to species

    The authorities insist on the risk and danger to which people are exposed by entering restricted areas in national parks, as well as the ecological impact that this type of activities generates on ecosystems and their species.

    According to Sinac, in the last operation, in addition to the people, three dogs were found that apparently had no owner and are now under the care of the National Health Service (Senasa). This situation puts at risk the ecological integrity of the protected area and violates the National Parks Law.

    “Clandestine trails have been found in which vegetation is cut, contaminated with solid waste and human waste,” said Reina Sánchez, administrator of the Turrialba Volcano National Park.

    In addition, there is high soil erosion due to human traffic and sound and light pollution that scares away fauna, especially nocturnal mammal species.These conditions impact the movement, feeding and reproduction of these animals, experts explain.


    For the people who were found on the volcano, Sinac officials proceeded to issue a warning about the illegal activity, identified all those involved and issued an administrative order.

    “The order warns them of non-compliance with current regulations, immediate withdrawal from the National Park and they were reminded of the obligation to abide by this notification in any protected wild area in the country,” the entity indicated.

    They also reiterated to the offenders the prohibition of entering, organizing, promoting, publishing or inciting access to protected wild areas of Sinac through unauthorized zones, areas, routes or trails, outside of established hours or without paying the entry fee.

    “They were also informed that said order is of permanent and immediate compliance, if this administrative order is not followed, the crime of disobedience would be incurred, stipulated in article 314 of the Penal Code, which establishes a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years for anyone who does not comply with the order issued,” warns Sinac.

    The authorities call on the population to report the pages or people that offer this type of illegal visits.”These ‘tour operators’ do not provide personal protective or security equipment, they do not include policies within the tour and in case of being intercepted – as happened – they choose to flee, leaving their ‘clients’,” commented the minister. .

    If you want to visit the Turrialba Volcano National Park, you can book the visit by hiring the guided service on the page: Turrialba Volcano TourThe cost of entry can be paid on the day of the visit, using a debit or credit card.

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