More Than 350 Recollection Points in Costa Rica Will be Authorized for Electrical Waste Starting this October

    This national campaign aims to increase the recovery of this waste

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     Starting this October, the massive awareness and collection campaign for waste electronic devices in Costa Rica will return with more than 350 points distributed throughout the national territory.  This event is called WEEE-TON.

     This national campaign aims to increase the recovery of this waste, which has high recycling potential but whose collection and handling requires particular safety conditions.Because of this, authorized managers become important, who together with people can better manage this waste.

     It is estimated that in 2021 the country generated around 70,000 tons of this electrical waste and only 8% was fully treated by managers.Of those 70,000 tons, most are small appliances and household appliances.  Another 9% are computers, mice and cell phones.

     Organization with high expectations

    On this occasion, WEEE-TÓN will bring together municipalities, compliance units, marketing companies, importers, institutions and consumers.In Costa Rica, the proper treatment of these materials, which someone could consider garbage, would be capable of generating $87 million, which could also be a measure to generate employment, in addition to the respite given to the planet.

     “We have high expectations of exceeding the material recovery goals in the next edition, as more and more companies, institutions and people are joining the efforts of waste circularity,” commented the program coordinator in charge of said project. , Luis Roberto Chacón.

     This initiative is led by the Ministry of Health, the Executive Committee for Comprehensive Management of Electronic Waste (CEGIRE) and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Devices Project for Latin America (PREAL).


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