Cooperative in Guanacaste Promotes Project to Generate Electricity from Solid Waste

    Project is the first in Central America that would use non-valuable solid waste to generate electricity

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    Imagine creating electricity with shells, leaves, tires,stereophone and even toilet paper? A project of the Cooperativa de Electrificación Rural de Guanacaste R.L. (Coopeguanacaste) plans to do so.

    The initiative includes the construction of a plant to be located in Palestina de Belén, in Carrillo Guanacaste, and it will be the first in Costa Rica and Central America to generate electricity with this material.

    It is estimated that with the garbage from the neighbors of Liberia, Carrillo, Hojancha and Nicoya, the plant will receive 150 tons of ordinary solid waste per day, which would be transformed into 7.7 and 9 megawatts per hour.

    “To produce energy from biomass, the waste enters a furnace between 1,200° and 1,500°. Through gasification it is transformed into steam. In a closed cycle, this steam enters a turbine at high pressure where mechanical energy is made in motion and transformed into electrical energy through a generator”, explained Erick Herra, Coopeguanacaste generation and projects manager.

    Project means a renewable and abundant source of electricity

    According to the cooperative, biomass energy produces several advantages in the environment. For example, it is a renewable and abundant source of electricity, because there is always non-recoverable waste.

    Likewise, during the pyrolytic gasification process, an inert residue is generated, which will be given a second use, such as for the manufacture of paving stones for streets, or for the construction of malls.The plant will also increase the useful life of sanitary landfills in the municipalities of Nicoya, Carrillo, Hojancha and Liberia.

    Coopeguanacaste is choosing the technology that will be used, since they already have the approval of the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA).

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