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    Functional food, Sustainability, and Zero Waste are Consolidated in the Food Industry

    Trends towards health and well-being, personalized nutrition for different generational segments, different alternatives to meat and dairy, sustainability, the resurgence of local brands, and...
    Business Alliance Seeks to Educate on the Proper Use, Storage and Disposal of Products in Costa Rica

    Business Alliance Educates on Proper Use and Disposal of Products in Costa Rica

    Thirteen companies of the Business Alliance for Sustainability launched the Education for Sustainability Campaign on their social networks

    Are Waste Incineration Plants Negative?

    The efficiency of municipal waste incineration plants is still under debate worldwide. The intention of installing a plant can be alarming for many, specifically...

    Law that Prohibits the Use of Styrofoam in Costa Rica finally Signed

    The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado; Ministers of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez and of Health, Daniel Salas, signed on Monday morning...

    Costa Rica Recycles Only 6.6% of Its Daily Residues

    Every day, Costa Ricans generate 4,000 tons of ordinary waste. Of this amount, 1,000 tons are deposited in rivers, vacant lots, and public roads....

    The World Robot Olympiad Is Coming to Costa Rica

    Have you ever watched robots playing soccer or bowling? In November in Costa Rica, you can watch young talented engineers showcase their intelligent robots...


    Costa Rica has positioned itself well on the world stage as an "always green" country.  It is often recognized as an "ecological country" just...

    Conservation on the Osa Peninsula:

    Costa Rica is making continuous strides in conservation! Learn how individuals and visitors can get involved in keeping this country beautiful! The Osa Peninsula is home...

    New Laws Prompt Italian Supermarkets to Donate Unsold Food

    Italy joins a group of countries that encourage supermarkets to give unsold food away to the needy after the Italian Government backed a series...

    How to become a sustainable city

    Technology, intelligent buildings, energy-saving systems - these are some ideas that come to mind when we hear the term "sustainable city." However, this concept...
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