Costa Rica Recycles Only 6.6% of Its Daily Residues

This Thursday, May 17th, on the "World Recycling Day", There Were Talks and Campaigns to Collect Waste

Every day, Costa Ricans generate 4,000 tons of ordinary waste. Of this amount, 1,000 tons are deposited in rivers, vacant lots, and public roads. In this sense, 6.6% (264 tons) barely arrives at the collection centers to be processed.

Waste packs ready for recycling

Although the percentage is small, Costa Rica has made a positive jump in recent years, taking into account that for 2014 the average recycling was 1.26%. The country’s goal for 2018 is to achieve the recovery of 8% of recoverable materials to be correctly processed, and by 2021 to reach 15%.

This was reported by the Municipal Development and Advisory Institute (IFAM), in the World Recycling Day, held on today, May 17th.

As part of the activities alluding to the date, the 6th National Recycling Meeting was held at the IFAM facilities in Moravia, where lectures and lectures were given to representatives of local governments. In the same way, there were cultural presentations and stands, starting from 8 am.

“This will be the opportunity to learn about the good practices that are being carried out in the municipal regime to improve the quality of life of Costa Ricans. In addition, we add private companies and innovative initiatives, such as Ecolones, that encourage the responsible and proper handling of our waste”, said Marcela Guerrero, Executive President of this entity.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae), the Ministry of Health, IFAM, and the National Union of Local Governments (UNGL).

Minae is the Costa Rican ministry which manages any initiative for energy gneration and environment policies for its protection..
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Beyond this event, activities to promote recycling were also carried out in other parts of the country. For example, in front of the headquarters of the National Insurance Institute (INS) in San José, there was a day to collect valuable waste (plastic, aluminum, glass, tin, tetrabrik, paper, cardboard, newspapers and magazines), electronic (monitors, CPUs, keyboards, office and cell phones) and white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, kitchens), from 8 am to 1 pm.

At the INS headquarters in Limón, valuable materials were also received from 8 am to 12 m. However, it was announced in advance that no batteries of any kind would be received, not even fluorescent objects.

For its part, after this activity, the VICAL Group will focus on promoting a campaign for the recovery of glass in the different condominiums of the Greater Metropolitan Area. So far, 25 housing projects have joined this initiative. The goal is to collect 90 tons of this material per month.

The campaign of this group is called “Vos Separas, Nosotros Reciclamos” (You Split Up, We Recycle) and will be running in Cartago, Heredia, San José, and Alajuela.

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SOURCEIvannia Varela
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