Are Waste Incineration Plants Negative?

The efficiency of municipal waste incineration plants is still under debate worldwide. The intention of installing a plant can be alarming for many, specifically for those who struggle in the care of the environment. It turns out that incinerator technologies are wonderful; they have extremely optimal filters that collect up to 90% of what is residual contamination. And yes, in reality, that is the main concern of citizens “air pollution”, which is easily avoided with the technological trends in plants.

Consider these two alternatives, to continue with the accumulation of garbage and plastic, which damages our seas or incineration plants that manage pollutants well? It is important that you analyze this, think it through and of course, generate your conclusions for future decisions. The construction of incinerators continued to receive the public inquiry and in many cases funds that are destined for climate change mitigation plans.

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What happens in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, the country considered to have the greatest ecological struggle, does not escape the consideration for the installation of waste incineration plants; let us remember that it does not escape the problem with plastic garbage that has caused damage to marine species.

In the Central American countries, there are known projects that seek to be financed, for the design, construction, and operation, during 240 months, municipal solid waste recovery plants, and its final disposal. All this, to effectively comply with the provisions of the Law for the Integral Management of Waste.

The Metropolitan Federation of Municipalities (FEMETROM), on behalf of the Municipalities adhered by agreement of their Municipal Councils, have through this proposal, carried out a selection of offerors to provide services such as technical studies to guarantee the success of the project; have all the permits and authorizations required for construction and operation; the factibility of plants to be designed and operate in a single module or several modules without interruption, taking into account health standards; to jointly achieve a minimum average annual processing capacity during the contract period of 328,500 tons per year.

It is worth noting that the equipment to be used in the plants is with the newest technologies, those already mentioned above. However, there is a counterpart regarding these types of projects in Costa Rica, because many organizations in the country are more inclined to recycling.

Remember that recycling is a matter of educating and being constant.

For ecologists, -incineration is not a solution, it is another problem and no one should want it near their home-. Is good or bad? You decide, remember that we live in a world of advances, of new technological trends, the idea is to avoid contamination with waste in all areas of Costa Rica and the world.

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