Scholarships are Offered in Costa Rica for Courses that Will Teach How to Monetize Organic Waste

    The plan is supported by the Development Banking System scholarship program through the National Learning Institute (INA)

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    An initiative developed within the framework of the BioInnova-Training Program aims to contribute to the strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized agricultural producers together with organizations of the social solidarity economy through the training of personnel to take advantage of and valorize organic waste (biomass).

    The plan is supported by the Development Banking System scholarship program through the National Learning Institute (INA). The program will show a group of approximately 25 companies -whose current business model is linear-, the identification of opportunities for reconversion and innovation towards the bioeconomy and the improvement of their current business models.

    BioInnova-Training is a 10-week program that uses a mixed methodology (20% face-to-face for two field trips and 80% virtual) with interactive master classes, asynchronous content, virtual mentoring meetings and a minimum of two face-to-face events. for field visits to Costa Rican projects in the field of bioeconomy.

    Circular economy models

    “This call promotes the productive use of waste in circular economy models through the application of new technologies. It brings us closer and closer to having levels of techno-scientific development and innovation in our companies to compare ourselves with other countries. Granting non-reimbursable resources to Costa Rican initiatives is a commitment to this solidarity social economy in the use and recovery of organic waste in line with the National Bioeconomy Strategy,” said the Vice Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Jannixia Villalobos and President (a.i) of the Costa Rican Promoter of Innovation and Research.

    Specifically, the qualification and training of decision-makers of companies that generate organic waste (biomass) and that have at least 2 years of economic activity in the local market are sought. The reception of applications will be closed if there are more than 100 applications; In addition, additional points will be given to initiatives led by women and young people, as well as those located in rural, coastal areas and indigenous territories.

    Each one of the scholarships amounts to a total of ¢ 759,696 colones, however, the selected participant must only make a contribution of 5% corresponding to ¢ 39,984 colones.

    How to take part?

    The requirements and other information can be found on the website The reception of funding requests will remain open from August 8 to August 19, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. Additional queries can be directed to the email [email protected]

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